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  1. Good effort arnie ! Whilst I agree with the comments about liking the news to have big piccies along with it, this may be more suitable for browsing at work as there will be less pictures of scary looking hardware to frighten my colleagues Fuji
  2. These guys have the gun on it's own for £18 +vat http://www.audiotechsystems.co.uk/catalog/...67f517d709b800d (sorry for multiple posts, no edit button showing )
  3. BTW the version without the silencer etc is listed with retailers as the Well D90F, the boxed set with the target/silencer and dodgy RD seems to be listed as the Well D90H. Same gun, different gubbins. haven't found the D90H at a UK supplier yet though.....
  4. Has anyone checked out if the TM mags feed out through the same hole then ? IMHO the main problem with the airsoft minis (as far as customising / making them good is concerned) was not the internals but the gravity feed, if the gravity fed mag could be easily replaced with a TM spring fed mag it could make these alot more reliable as a base for "projects"
  5. Doesn't include silencer or dodgy red dot though, probably selling seperately at disproportionate expense
  6. found some info on the battery here: http://www.gandiawargames.com/catalog/prod...8ec3e0af2892f43 The battery seems to be a 7.2v 700Mh Nice review nuno. Surprising powert for el cheapo gun, would make a nice cheap "project" to screw around with.
  7. Been eye-ing these up at guns n guys for a while now but Airsoft Scotland is a whole heap closer and thus a whole heap more tempting.... My first AEG was a CA M15A4 so I haven't had much excuse for modding aegs as yet (unless you count butchering a mini mp5), am looking for something that; 1) I like (who wouldn't want HM Forces' Rifle ? - 'cept HM forces ) and 2) is cheap, so that if I screw it up I don't mind so much... Just don't like the idea of having to custom build (or bodge) all replacement parts. So (assuming you can source them) will FAMAS parts fit as drop-
  8. Great review - always wanted quantitative proof on whether these foam insert silencers worked or not. The wee bit about the various gasses' performance was also welcomed though it would be nice to see how the propane / silicone oil mix which results from the use of the Airsoft Innovations' adapter stacked up against the other gasses. I've also noted that it can be hard to source some of the "limited" product lines in UK - any chance of an article on the ins and outs of ordering from overseas ? Some info on duties payable, waiting times, chances of Customs impounding your delivery
  9. Great review, cheers, been after one of these for a while. Infact I've been waiting since June for BBT to get back to me on the status of my order (they seem to have stopped answering emails too). Unfortunate that they are the only UK suppliers Fuji
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