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  1. I can confirm that without modification there wasn't enough adjustment on the one I bought to zero either the red or IR lasers. I'll be opening it up at some point to try and shim out the 'laser carrier' inside for more adjustment but it shouldn't have to be done.
  2. you won't be able to get it faster than a correctly pre-cocked gun, it's literally sitting on the last tooth of the piston. There is no 'faster' than that.
  3. You'll need to desolder/resolder the wires for the trigger switch, also you'll need to sort out some bullet connectors and very thin wire to go from the gearbox through the gap in the barrel/upper. Normal 16AWG stuff won't fit. It's relatively straightforward, but if you're set on front wiring you might as well just buy a SOCOM for less money and already have it front wired.
  4. That's really impressive.
  5. da fuq?! have you somehow squeezed a Mk23 into an MP7?
  6. and there is your problem! You may as well be filling it with gravel, get some blasters, devil blasters or green devils.
  7. Mind blown. Crye-cut DPM. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah, spring changes are really easy on recoil guns once you've done the first one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. normal threading, application of force is the way forward, I used a plumbers wrench but others have used a strap wrench too, depends how precious you are about it being marked up!
  10. remove the old rail and barrel nut, put on the new barrel nut, attach new rail with supplied screw. 5 minute job.
  11. I have an Invisiblesight PEQ15 and it's very good, it's not an LA5 though, which is kinda why FMA and element are making these, to fill a gap in the market. That and Invisiblesight are pretty expensive, they cost more than most people are willing to spend on a gun so a lower-cost option is always welcome.
  12. just ordered one of these, will let you all know about the IR laser when it arrives
  13. I managed to fit a thin split 7.4v LiPo inside the RIS, it's a really tight fit but it can be done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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