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  1. I'm looking to try and create a P227 Carry and thought that adding a WE P228 slide to a P229 frame was a good start. Does anyone know if the internals are identical and therefore be a quick win?

    Also do real aftermarket grips work on WE Sigs?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


    Number 47

  2. While searching places to pre-order this other than WGC (bad history), I came across a short video of the gun being tested with all Marui type mags.  On the table was Marui, WE (plus CO2), KJW and Umarex. Very encouraging for those of us that have multiple glock types.

    Number 47


  3. HI guys,


    Thinking of buying the 'Outlaw' folding stock adapter for my KJ M4. It's a knock-off of the Law Tactical adapter at $200!!!


    The ad says it's suitable for AEG and GBB M4s so you thinks it's worth risking the $50?


    Also, can anyone confirm the KJW email address for replacement parts is still working? I need to get a new CQBR length outer barrel.



    Thanks in advance



  4. T-hum,


    Would probaly go for a Level III. knowing the quality and craftmanship of your products, I would bet this would be the perfect 'drop in' product. This would also save me a lot of work on my CQBR version.


    Hate to push but any word on STANAG mags?

  5. This whole point has been overdiscussed IMO. Lets keep this on topic before a mod comes in and cleans house. Discussing this further will have absolutely no positive effect on helping people learn about the KJW platform.



    T-hum - Your quite right and I apologise to all for letting things escalate.


    End of...

  6. I am an adult, and I am sure I am probably older than you. The point of the message is function over form. That is what airsofters just can't understand. But hey, go ahead and load up with 50bs of gear that you don't need to look cool, but you will be that guy that gets lit up because you can't even crest that hill..


    The frustration, not hostility, is towards people who want to nitpick about dumb stuff that has nothing to do with how something performs. There are people who won't switch to a platform thats 100x more reliable because "the mags look ghey".


    It wasn't a tirade, and tone can't be sense over the internet, so I don't need to relax, switch to decafe, get drunk or get laid.


    The RS BAD lever should not be a restricted item, however I don't know if you will find a place in the US that will sell it internationally.



    Whether you are older than me (possibly) is irrelevant. The point is you don't put somebody down just because they treat the game differently from you. Airsoft is not about 'function over form' as you put it. It's about people coming together with a common interest and having fun, perhaps you should concentrate on that rather than worrying about how somebody else's kit looks like. You could dress up in a pink tutu and carry some Anime monstrosity for all I care, as long as you have fun and take your hits.


    Also I don't carry 50lbs of gear to look cool, I carry only what I need for the game and nothing more. Having said that, if someone wants to suit up like a Ranger on a three day patrol. that's their bag and good luck to them, whatever helps them enjoy the experience. I'm sure as hell not going to shout them down because it's not functional. If the sport is just about 'function' why buy half the stuff we do?



    You and I clearly see the game differently. Shall we agree to differ and leave it at that?

  7. Stop caring about dumb ###### like a dust cover, this is NOT a WA platform. You want "realism" get a WA and put it on a shelf, that is what they do best.



    Real dust covers are typically pretty gray in color. The color and finish of the entire gun is way off, so who gives a sh^t about a dust cover? Seriously... is that guy you just shot in the face from 150ft away gonna see your dust cover! NO!



    To Andrew12


    I don't know you and presumably, you don't know me. So i'm at a loss as to your hostility towards me. I was simply seeking advice, however minor, from others with more experience on the platform than me, . I agree that real steel dust covers are generally grey in colour, however, I would prefer a uniform colour on my gun, hence the question.


    I can understand your fustration if I had posted a "what am bestest" type question but I didn't. I would not launch into a tirade against you simply because you want to put something that's not 'real steel' on your gun. As Suicidalsnowman said, it's all about personal preference.


    So relax, switch to decaf, get drunk, get laid, whatever.


    To Suicidalsnowman and Weekenny - thanks for the info on the BAD lever. I appreciate input from adults.




    Number 47

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  8. Couple of quick questions guys.......


    Firstly, thinking of getting a Magpul B.A.D Lever. But do I get the WA/G&P one or the WE/PTW version? (or doesn't it matter?)


    Secondly, going to get a replacement dust cover as the original is too grey in colour for my liking. Any reccomendations?


    Loving this rifle more and more. Touch wood no major issues so far, even the hop is working well (guess I was lucky)


    Still deciding on a final setup but considering the range and accuracy, it's probably going to end up as the perfect DMR.



    Number 47

  9. To Suicidalsnowman:

    Sorry for the slow reply, been away on business. As requested, please see attached pics of my gun with Gemtech G5 flashider (with and without suppressor)




    As you can see it looks pretty neat and the can IMHO just makes the gun look way cooler. The MRE RIS has been swapped for a straighforward 10" RIS but I still can't make up my mind on a final set up!

    Thanks for the link to the short dot replica. Ironically, RSOV are now selling a S&B clone for $58, looks the same and is 1-4x with red dot. Took the plunge and ordered one.


    Field report - my gun had it's first outing at the weekend, a private game in the south on a mixture of woodland and an old disused factory. Weather was sunny with temp around 16C. What made the game even better was that on my team were 2 WA's, 1 G&P, 1 AGM and my KJW. The Opfor had 2 WE's, 1 Ino and a GHK AK. At one point I was at the re-spawn area after being taken out by a sniper. Justing sitting there listening to the sounds echoing through the woods was fantastic! As you can imagine, it was even better when we were in the old factory.


    And best of all, after a days good hard fight, guess who's GBBR was the only one still running!

    After I got back home I gave the gun a good clean and checked for wear - nothing!


    Now I just need to make my damned mind up about a final look - oh, and find some more mags!




  10. For those guys sruggling to find a European supplier, you might want to try Bohemia Airsoft (airsoft.cz/shop).

    They're based in Prague and have the rifle in stock. Price is around 320 euros whhich I don't think is too bad considering the usual European mark up on airsoft stuff, however mags are alittle pricey at around 50 euros each!. They have a good selection of gear and parts in general and ship throughout Europe. If you look at the site, don't search under KJW, the gun is listed as an STTI product but in the description you will see it is made by KJW.


    The only fly in the ointment is they don't accept Paypal or credit cards, it's bank transfer only or cash. Another Czech site is anareus.cz who have told me they will be probably stock the rifle soon and they take credit cards.


    Although i'm a Brit, I live in Prague so will keep you updated.


    I'm currently uprgarding mine. So far i've fitted a King Arms Knight's 12" MRE RAS, A.R.M.S style folding front sight, Magpul enhanced trigger guard, guarder stock pad, Troy rear BUIS, Madbull G5 flashider and King Arms sling adapter. All went on with no issues. Will post a pic if anyone is interested in a similar look. Still deciding on pistol grip, optics and sling and have internal parts including 360mm TB on order from Cradle.


    Ideally I would like some sort of short dot replica, anyone got any ideas?


    Number 47

  11. First off a big thank you to all who have contributed to this discussion and helping me spend even more money!


    I've finally joined the club and now own a KJW M4 :D


    After the ecstasy turned agony that was the WA/WE/G&P/INO M4, we now have a GBBR that doesn't require the owner to obtain sponsorship from Warren Buffett!!!


    I could have ordered one some months back from HK but customs here is a real PITA so I had to wait until one of my local dealers got them in stock.


    I won't bore you all with what you already know but i'm really impressed with the build quality of this gun. No rattles or other sounds that suggest the rifle's going to fall apart anytime soon. My stock has a small amount of play but nothing major. There are a few slight seam lines and weld spots but they make the gun look more 'real' IMHO. After a good clean and lube, I was getting 2" groups at 30ft and reading 450fps with Marui 0.20g's at 18 degrees (indoors). This was standing, offhand with iron sights and hop still factory set so i'm assuming this will improve from rest and with the hop bedded in.


    Fortunately I have a very 'open minded' missus :rolleyes: . She actually likes playing with my guns as much as I do. The only problem is she's put more rounds down range with the rifle than I have.


    Anyway, i don't want to single out anyone in particuler for praise but a big (manly) hug to T_hum and Raven1 for all your great afforts in educating us all about the gun and bringing out some great upgrades and fixes. Rest assured Cradle airsoft will be getting an email from me real soon!


    Now I just have to decide whether to keep it old skool or go for the M6A2 look. That's after I get the gun back from my lady :angry:


    Just one question - has anyone fitted a carbine length (360mm) TB and if so, what sort of fps/groupings were you getting?





    Number 47





    Regarding a cheap source of Krytox, after some heavy duty googling I found a lubricant for bikes called Krytex. Its meant for bike chains and pedals but contains the magic stuff. It also includes something called Molybdenum which apparently is used in real steel guns! A bottle costs about £4 for 60ml.


    The shop is cyclestore.co.uk


    Would be grateful if the more mechanical/scientifically gifted WE M4 users would confirm if this would work or feel free to tell me i'm just p***ing in the wind!!




    Number 47



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