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  1. mog

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Nothing else will fit I'm afraid
  2. mog

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Yes once I managed to get the delta ring off !!
  3. mog

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

  4. mog

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    I was thinking of the UBR stock but have spent enough at the moment, isn't the UBR a straight swap though as it has a magpul stock already ?
  5. mog

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    Pics of before and after changing the front end, comp and extending the wiring into the peq box.
  6. mog

    Magpul PTS RM4 ERG Series.

    I have been reading this thread with interest as I got my ERG Scout from HK just before Xmas, this was running about 370fps on .20's but had hop problems as in the hop rubber was deformed. I have tried many different hops from my "box of bits" and only a TM hop rubber would fit. I also thought what the hell lets put a tight bore in and see what happens.... So TM hop rubber and Madbull tight bore = 345 fps on .20's.....nothing else has been altered !!!! On a different note I have just had delivered a Madbull Daniel Defense Ris II and compensator along with a PEQ battery box for a different look. Before and after pics to follow..........

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