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  1. Yeah - all these issues were solved almost a year ago. See my sig.
  2. Thanks Beretta, I was wondering about that bit too. But what I'm really stumped on is the big monolith standing up on the right of your pic. I know it houses the flip up rear sight, but it just seems so.... I dunno, it just seems too beefy just to house a flip sight is all. I mean here's this well designed gun and then you have this concrete block apartment building of a sight house looming over the top of it. So I figure its gotta serve some clever purpose that I'm just too stupid to figure out or find on the interwebz, yeah?
  3. Update: Just tore it down for a quick spring change to recover some of this lost fps. Chrono'd it after I put the included short CQB inner barrel on it and it netted 290fps - utterly ridiculous. So I get it open and lo and behold there's absolutely no compression whatsoever. One nested oring later and we get full dead stop compression. Throw in a well worn pdi 150% spring thas done a few seasons in my SAW and she fires 380fps on the button. Saw no need to mess with the bushings at this fps.
  4. So did anyone answer what the heck that widget is on top of the gun is for? Aside from being a ridiculously oversized rear flip sight housing. Its sort of like vegatables: nobody seems to actually know what they're for.
  5. Wow. Don't need sound. Don't even need to look at the reviewer's face. Just look at the gun! Its a complete piece of ######. Oh, and that Qulevra guy is a smacktard.
  6. Well my VFC Scar L just arrived. Making me the proud owner of a DBoys SCAR, a WE SCAR, and a VFC SCAR. I have to say I was let down a little by the VFC. Build is fine but the materials just didnt give that tactile satisfaction that the WE does. Feels better than the DBoys, if more fragile, even if thats an illusion due to the higher grade aluminum in the VFC being lighter. Hands down, the WE has the best looks/feel. But thats not fair being an electric to gas comparison. Still, it just looks good and feels amazing. Honestly, I think even the DBoys shoots somewhat better than the
  7. Hillslam


    DBoys SCAR plus VFC EGLM
  8. If you find what version fits please post. It appears to be proprietary. I've not found one that fits because it has an extra 1mm of material at the end. A Big Out H nub aloen will help alot though.
  9. I have a 9.6v 4600mAh crane stock style battery in my boxmag space. Fits just fine. Small tamiya connector and all wires hidden with room to spare. As I've posted on the striker thread, the M60 nets about 15-18% lower fps for a given spring then when put into say a CA M249, and shows a little more loss when compared to an AEG. I've confirmed this with the math and by testing the same spring in three guns including the M60. The reason is the longer stroke (distance from the pistonhead to the spring guide): springs in the M60 just get compressed less due to the longer mechbox.
  10. Guys dont worry - turns out there's no problem really. Details here: http://www.teamstrikers.com/forum/viewtopi...?p=28146#p28146 Guys I just popped back in to say I'm gonna ease off posting here and the other forums on this and consolidate my stuff into that one thread linked above. Sorry I'm just getting way too many questions from inboxs and threads all over the place to keep up, avging 12 per day now all counted. Look for any detail or info at the link above. Trying to address all questions in the thread itself. So far I've disassembled the gun a half dozen times just f
  11. I figured out the missing fps. The bucking wasnt the culprit, thank goodness. Not looking forward to when that thing wears out....
  12. Quick update. The metal around the 3 bolts appears to be aluminum. The gun itself is losing roughly 40-60fps. That is, with the exact same spring in a CA M249MkII it nets 375fps, in a CA M249Para it nets 380fps and when transplanted to the M60 it nets 330fps. I've check the compression in the cylinder: perfect. Then blew into the nozzle from the front - full compression (at lung power at least) - so no leaks at the nozzle to cylinder interface. I checked the hopup bucking and it seems to be installed well. So I assumed a nozzle to hopup bucking leak. Bought some replacemen
  13. gerrysnaps: Didnt mean to imply your fps was falsified, I meant that I did not suspect a 2j spring would be installed in the US or UK versions. I also will bet the US stores will receive a 400fps spring in their shipments. My teammate has a US spec one on pre-order from a US store. We'll see what fps it nets out of the box. BTW - what ROF are you getting on that 2j spring? curious if it same or different gearing and motor as well as the spring. As for me I"ll swap out the spring for a ~1.8joule to meet our 450fps standards for support guns where we are. tbsix: No the star was n
  14. Info on the body splitting now up, with pics. Weight: a little over 16lbs. No battery, no ammo. FPS: 295fps ROF: fast with rheostat out. Gun didnt fire with rheostat in. Videos of the ROF and fps are up - links here: http://www.teamstrikers.com/forum/viewtopi...?p=28094#p28094 I knew that 472fps picture posted elsewhere was suspect. -------------- As posted above - the thread is now readable by visitors, no need to register (to the whiney children: no need to thank me, the world lives to serve you)
  15. The forum is now visible and readable when not registered.
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