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    3D Models

    all these pics are exerlent, does any 1 have links to mods for bf2 i found a few like 1 set in kosovo, 1 set during gulf war 1, so any others would be nice when i sort out my comp i will post links to the mods i listed
  2. if this was directed at me , the reason i have no team photo's is that the team i am part of has only resantly formed so we have no photo's as of yet
  3. m8 am i right in thinking you and your team mates were at last years op irene?
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  5. http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g105/fvzz2/Battleplan.jpg this is the only photo i have of the people i used to game with when i was in the royal air force ( we played at finmere)
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