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  1. Haven't posted in a while. Here's 2 videos
  2. Gotta have a bit of fun with the song choices every now and then #boatsnhoes
  3. You might have missed this one. Was a great day! [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
  4. One of us at Sennybridge last year. Going back in March! Can't wait
  5. Some pics from the Stirling event at Stanta last weekend More here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.869589456442122.1073741859.434072613327144&type=1
  6. Longmoor military base, Operation Cold Steel milsim, with our good friends from Black Scorpions NLD
  7. One of us from Longmoor in the summer
  8. Team Diablo try some woodland milsim for a change
  9. A quick one from this summer at Longmoor
  10. Here's a few more, and more on the way! [video=youtube;wFpWtBiAQJ8] [video=youtube;z3kdCcVzlLE]
  11. Here's our latest short edit. Only 1.5mins....take a look. MP7 Heaven!
  12. Latest video, Stirling Operation Dragonfly
  13. It's a great site, it's one of our favourites! Great for a night game as well as it's never too far to walk in the dark and you can be very sneaky room to room
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