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Plymouth Roadrunner

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    I take my coffee Coyote Brown.
  • Birthday 12/07/1989

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    CA M15A4
    Systema reinforced Mechbox
    8mm Bushings with bearings
    Area1000 Pistonhead
    Madbull SP120 Spring
    G&P M5 RIS
    KAC Vert. Grip
    G&P ACOG

    TM M14
    Guarder High Torque Gearset
    Area 1000 Piston Head
    7mm Oilless Bushings
    Spring Guide w/ Bearing
    Mad Bull SP130 Spring

    WA Para- Ordinance P14.45 Magna
    KJW M700 Police
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    United States

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    Connecticut, USA

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  1. I can definately get pics for you by tonight. Is there anything you want to see in particular? Also, pics of your Masada would also be appreciated. Thanks.


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