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  1. I like it, you've transformed it successfully. Can't wait to see the patriot version.
  2. Which version of them are you getting ? m3 or m4?
  3. I was going to spray my stock and heatshield with a tigerstripe design but I was delayed because my gun stopped working. Bought a replacement battery from the china one and switched the connectors and its alive again, and with better performance. Was scared for a moment.
  4. Great review Darklite, are you going to try installing a real wood kit on this, perhaps the China one?
  5. Thanks for explaining, have to add a full stock DE shotty to my buying list now. Seems to get longer and longer.
  6. Just a quick check, I found a Laylax (Promethius) M14 - 6.03mm / 500mm on zero one for 39.99.
  7. I used to think that on M14's but now I've had my AGM, I would buy an ebr kit if china made one because its too bulky for me sometimes, though when sniping it is ok, though a few rails would be nice.
  8. Shaggy Z, love the custom grip. Did you use putty or something for it. At first I thought you'd used a real steel grip but its custom, fooled me. Please info, I need to customise my m87la. Here's a pic of the real steel grip, gotta make myself a custom one after exams are over.
  9. Before you edited, it was a Dboys or Boyi, whichever.
  10. Looks good, suits the CASV. I'll try those reasons
  11. Kyrian that is a great custom, haven't seen much airsoft warhammer themed but that looks great.
  12. He's put rails on it, its the JG M16A2 that has the ris rails if i'm right.
  13. The question to ask is, "Is there a way to get them to let me buy them?"
  14. Skirmish, should be al laugh as a secondary, a true close encounters weapon. I've got my buying list atm and one of those cheap utg/de shotguns are on it, i got the utg la full stcok bt i now need the pistol grip, but the mother is being cruel and says i'm "wasting" my money and wont let me buy anymore.
  15. Sounds like it will work, post more pics when your done.
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