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  1. Granted, Plague, with a metal gearbox the Uzi could be uprated just as well as any other, but that's not what Uzi's are about. If you want an SMG that does 500fps then buy an MP5 and do it up. If you want a weapon that says 'cool', then get an Uzi!


    (BTW, I believe there is a metal gearbox available for the Uzi - built by Zeke - but I've never seen one. I don't think they even found their way outside Japan.)


    Anyway, bring on the pics!

  2. you kinda contradicted yourself a bit there mate

    by saying you cant do anything to them internally

    and have to put up with stock velocity, lol.


    That's not a contradtiction. I said they don't break

    if you leave them alone and don't try to upgrade

    them (plastic gearbox, see). They're one of the best

    AEG's Marui make because of their reliablility and ROF

    in stock form, not because of their FPS. :P


    And besides, nothing is more life-afirming than taking

    out a Deltaboy in a thousand pound's worth of kit with

    the woefully underestimated beast that is the TM Uzi.


    Oh, and Ledpocket, congrats on being the owner of

    one of the most discusting/excellent Uzis I've ever seen! ;)

  3. i would have gotton a TM UZI but i hered they break realy easy. instead i have my mp5k. i shouldnt of read this thread. i want one now.


    They only break if you try to upgrade them or pull the trigger like a mentalist when the safety's on. Other than that they're one of the best AEG's Marui's ever made. Just don't open it and you'll be fine!

  4. Hello again.


    Top one is a decidedly un Uzi-looking TM version with a Mosquito Molds RIS and a K2 wood stock. It's a filthy travesty really but I was bored.


    (The bottom one's a full-metal version by Zeke, pictured previously in this thread.)



  5. This is my custom SIG 552 RIS.


    It was made using a full-metal Mosquito Moulds Uzi RIS System which, to my amazement, has precisely the right-shaped holes in precisely the right places to make this great mod.


    The RIS itself was trimmed to alow for the front body pin to be inserted and it still accepts a standard mini battery.


    The best part is that the RIS is directly mounted to the smaller RIS rail that comes fitted to the 552 as standard, meaning that you can simply unbolt the standard rail and the whole larger unit comes away too, leaving the standard weapon.





    What do you think?

  6. I had one and didn't find a problem with the thread-issue you mentioned. I didn't ever strip mine so I can't comment on the tight-fitting body but I don't find it hard to believe, I swear the things are put together in factories by super-human mutants.


    I did buy a UMP-style stock and that went on quite smoothly but there was no way in hell that I could get a PDW stock to fit as the metal 'glove' that locks around the back was just way too tight.

  7. Here're my offerings.


    First up is my Classic Army Sar Taktik II which

    has been convered to a G3A4 by way of an

    MC51 stock. It's front-wired to take two stick

    batteries in the foregrip and has been fitted

    with a silencer and reflex sight.






    It's pictured below with its little sister, a

    TM G3 SAS with a UMP stock.




    Hope you enjoy.



  8. So many M4's! :unsure:


    Have this!


    A Guarder AKM-74S with complete internal upgrades,

    Star GP-30 Mortar and PBS-1 suppressor. (£800-ish)


  9. My Uzis.


    Starting with a standard TM Uzi fitted with

    the Mosquito Molds RIS System and an

    O.K. Parts suppressor.



    My dual Maruzen Micro Uzi's.



    My battle scarred (painted) TM Uzi.



    And finally my pride and joy,

    A Zeke-kit full-metal Uzi!



    Hope you like.

  10. Okay, some of you have seen this in it's basic state

    already but it's taken me a day to fit this so I thought

    I'd show it off.


    Smokey's AK Bullpup conversion with a PS0-1 scope.

    I've also swapped the PBS supressor that was fitted for

    an AK-74 flash-hider as my next game is a CQB one and

    I wanted to cut down the length.


    Hope you like!







  11. Is that the tokyo marui version? Any chance that silencer would fit on the KWC mini uzi?


    I don't think it will, I'm fairly sure the thread is different. However, the main problem however is the way the silencer is made; because you don't remove the barrel when fitting it to the TM Uzi, there's a special cut-out section inside the silencer that the barrel slides into. This makes it stable and means there's no chance of BB's knicking against the inside of the silencer, however, if you attatch it without the barrel then the BB's occasionally get deflected by hitting the baffles inside.


    As the Mini Uzi's barrel is shorter than the Uzis, I reckon you might have this problem. However, I'm not 100% sure. I will track down a Mini Uzi and try it out though.

  12. Cheers, AKRay.


    The tape is more to hold the pistol grip level with the rest of the body. The kit is well-made (in terms of material) but not quite so in terms of dimensions. I've had to do the best I could, all the bits go exactly where they should but they just don't quite stay there.


    Some of the screw holes have been a little over-wound at that's caused some parts of the weapon to be a little more loose than I suspect they would have been had the kit been brand new.


    I'm usually quite a perfectionist when it comes to getting conversion kits to fit but this particular one has given me a fair bit of grief. I expect I'll take it apart at a later date and see if anything more can be done. However, for now, even with a bit of tape and some (I'm sorry if you're a purist) wood screws she feels sturdy and is easily skirmishable.


    She passes the benchmark test when it come to fitting conversion kits anyway: Can you pick up the rifle at any point without fear of it coming loose?


    The answer is yes.

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