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  1. My new Bullpup AK. Oh yes...
  2. Jett

    ICS AK74M

    I don't know what upset me more; the fact that I didn't like it or that fact that I couldn't put my finger on why I didn't like it!
  3. Jett

    ICS AK74M

    Thought I'd add my 2 roubles worth... I got to play with a mate's ICS AK74 today and I found it to be... strange. It's not as heavy as the ICS M4 which I thought was a bit strange, and the plastic furniture is really, really... cheap? It feels like a toy gun. Is it just me? There's no substance to it, I don't feel like I'm holding a £250 rifle. It's like a very, very sexy looking water pistol. The stock is like a huge, hollow tupperware box, black and *beep* for storing tuna I admit, but still, it feels so fake. Maybe I'd hyped it up in my head but if you ever get to hold a Guar
  4. Thanks for the info, (V)atrix. I was speaking purely from an "I've just spent £170 on this, what do I like and what do I not like" perspective. And I was using the TMP as an example for those reading this who haven't held the MP7 yet and may know what the TMP's like. I know they're different manufacturers but they're very similar in design so I was just trying to give a bit of info. Now where's my AK, she never point's out my mistakes...
  5. Just got my MP7 so I thought I'd say a few things that I've found out while playing today. (Please keep in mind that nearly all my other weapons are AK varients: you have been warned!) First off it's a little top and front heavy but it's easy enough to point and shoot due to the really clever sights. The grip is comfortable and the fire selector switch is much better possitioned than on the Navy-gripped MP5 series (it really digs into my thumb - anyone else find that?) The stock is perfect for me when extended but not so perfect for my brother so that's gonna be a hard to call. It i
  6. Jett

    ICS AK74M

    Good point well made about the sight rail, Soloman. I use a Guarder AKS-74M (exactly like this ICS model but with a side-folding stock) and a sight rail's not included with the Guarder add-on kit. I had to buy one specially and drill and fit it myself. Not a really major hassle but It's great to see ICS thinking about stuff and getting everything in the right place. I agree with you also, Tink. The CA SLR was an awful rifle and was way too unrealistic to warrant the price tag. (It hasn't even got a metal rear-sight block! What's up with that?!?) This rifle though, I think I can
  7. Bit slow but I thought I'd dump these in here. If you go to Urban Assault sometimes you'll get shot with one or more of these... This is my favorite... This is my latest... Everything's wood and metal and real where I could. Got a few other bits on the go too but you'll have to wait... (read as "need to talk to the bank".) Jett
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