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  1. WE GBB m4 RS RIS RS ergo grip
  2. installed the adjustable valve and it was good at first but after the 12th mag on game day the valve started to adjust itself and closed up causing malfunction. Looked into it and it is simply the grub screw holding the adjustable bit coming loose with all the vibration and pressure. thank go the grub screw did not get lost but it was close. When I checked it was almost all the way out. Got a fixed 300FPS valve bit from Tactical quarter master and that seems to work ok so far. On green with .20 it is not doing 300 though but doing 340 + but on .25 it is about 300 and flight is
  3. just installed the 90% buffer spring from airsoftbuddy (its a TSC i think?) Works great! I installed the adjustable rod to bring the FPS down and noticed a significant drop in recoil but now with the new spring installed the blowback strength is back to normal. Only thing is there is a spring twangy sound at the end of each shot as the new spring is shorter than the original. The new spring is softer and shorter. I will probably get use to the twangy sound after a while and is a small price to pay for a better recoil. Am also going to attempt to make an ambi selector... any
  4. any one heard of any third party parts for the WE like ambi selectors, etc?
  5. Will try the sanding... have you chronoed? Is the FPS consistent? I have found with the TCS plates that they do work it is just that they need to wear in a bit. It seems like the finish is too smooth and the bolt slips but if you sand them a bit or just let them wear in slowly, they do work and they work pretty well.
  6. just got the TSC Uni-Directional Guide Rod with Locking Power Adjustment Knob from Airsoft 123. Fantastic service from 123. Unfortunately after installing, my m4 started to misfire... bolt would not blowback enough and often did a burst and vented the mag. To make sure that it was the new guide rod and not the m4 that was messing up, I dismantled the rod and took only the adjustable nut and added that to my old original WE guide rod. It now fires as per normal so something was up with the TSC rod. I now have a standard WE rod and nozzle with an adjustable locking nut. (wish
  7. yep I saw those. they were norgon ones .... and they very cheap at horizon as SRP is over $100. anyone tried an AEG mag catch in a WE m4? how about the magic pins.... anyone tried the a RS version of these pins? do RS ar pins even work in WE m4s?
  8. Does anyone have any news on an ambi magazine catch that will work on the WE m4. also... anyone using the RA tech magic pin or the G&P WA locking pin on a WE. Do these really work?
  9. Chris , I modified the way it was shown on this thread .. dunno which page it is but some pages back there is full instructions to do just this.
  10. if it curves down very quickly rather than simply drop then it is definitely a hop issue. if it merely drops than it a pressure issue.
  11. recently modified my nozzle to make it shoot 320+fps. It does that now and is perfect but I have realised that the blowback intensity is very slightly affected (weaker) and will probably be more significant when the whether gets colder over here. anyone experience this and is there a solution? will cutting the buffer spring do anything? also... What is the easiest way of taking out the fire selector? I want to make an ambi switch by drilling and screwing in a spare AEG fire switch to the other side. Anyone done this and how feasible to you think this is?
  12. anyone knows who sells these in the UK? I am really interested but would really need the aftersales to make me take the plunge.
  13. anyone use this on a GBB m4? How does it handle recoil? .. or could someone who has this give it a good violent shake and smack it around alittle to see if the dot falters. cheers
  14. RS UTG/Leapers Alu quad rail - fits like a glove, very affordable for RS and once fitted is rock solid! Prime quad rail gas block -- uses grub screws to install instead of pins. Fits but there is a slight shake RS UTG/leapers rubber AR grip - fits perfect and very comfy newest version WE charging handle - ordered from AB... definitely stronger than the 1st version and so far so good. G&P ambi charging handle latch for WA - needs a bit of modification but will fit and function G&G Visible carbine laser unit - dodgy. witht eh recoil, it can shake itself off
  15. inner barrel: mine does the same. I think there is a somethiing above fixing this a few pages back with a pic of the possible spacer you can use.. sorry I can't for the life of me remember where though. All I did was pad my inner barrel out with electric tape and now it sits ... center - rish... and does not move when shooting.
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