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  1. Rogue: I know the barrel on the G&G isn't threaded so it might be worth trying a flash hider designed for the G&G like this one http://rsov.com/product.php?langId=1&currencyId=1&manufacturerId=10&prodId=14484&cateId=70
  2. Anyone know if cyma glock AEPs fit into glock 17 serpas and the likes or are they off spec compared to GBBs? Cheers
  3. Vainguard: That is hot *suitcase*, Iron airsoft kit? If so, what parts does it need to be complete? I'm considering scratch building a 416 from one but I'm worried I'll forget to buy some of the parts
  4. Absolutely superb seller, very quick to respond to PMs and item arrived quickly and very well packaged, A** thanks Greg :)

  5. OH MY DAYS! Shorty SLR is about the coolest thing I have ever seen, would love to know how you did it!
  6. ianhaz

    ARES G36C

    Very thorough review golgo, good work! Looks like I might have to get one of these for the quick spring change gearbox, trades and pushpins and combine it with my current CA heh heh heh
  7. Like what youve done with the G36 stock zepher, looks great
  8. Wow good news, might make my eventual gbb sfw a WE base
  9. Oggy, unfortunately ive looked into this before and all the L119a1 extensions are 14mm -ve and the WE outer barrels are all 14mm +ve asfar as I'm aware
  10. Sweet! I think it suits the AG36 well, the k flashider is slightly inside the handguard with an AG36 installed IIRC
  11. Lon - Very nice, what flashider is that? Edit: On the G36, i mean
  12. -Bo- That ka1 is amazing, excellent first post and welcome to arnies!
  13. Looks great waxxer, does the cheek rest on the CTR cause any problems with operating the charging handle?
  14. Thats an M5 RAS, im pretty sure ebaybanned sell the dboys version and if its anything like my Dboys CNC RAS then its a good choice, recommend you look for someone who has one first though, chinese rails seem to be very hit and miss
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