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  1. well to answer your question, the reason we all have M4's is for mag sharing during battle. we have M4's 249's and 4 snipers.....all with the same gun in order to share mags....
  2. sure, ill post some more. but im at work until wednesday. ill put some more up then.
  3. yes they are official issue, well ,not all of us some of the guys had to buy on a budget. i actually got my boonie at a local army/navy surplus store so i cant help you there.....
  4. nice to meet you too, we are in Fresno, in the central valley.....
  5. sorry if this is in the wrong spot but i didnt see a thread for posting team pics. this is the first team pic we have gotten with our new ACU unis so i wanted to share it with everyone. We are a team in California with about 18 guys. most of us are over 30 years of age. this pic was taken at the last fort ord event for those that know where thats at. im the tall guy in the second row far left.....anyways just wanted to show off our unis.....lol
  6. just got my sig yesterday here are some pics with my m3x...ordered the creation slide and upgraded spring set today.
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