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  1. It takes a whole hell of a lot to impress me as far as cool looking guns go, and you have by far set the 1911 benchmark. Excellent gun pron sir.
  2. If this was in plain black with no red dot and double mag it would be much better...
  3. Read Me Before Posting Again. Post More Pictures Here. And finally...Welcome!
  4. Is this the mystery PC? It looks quite similar to me. http://www.optactical.com/noname21.html
  5. that would be the thumb hole...for opening. haha
  6. Has anyone shown as much interest in the benchmade HK 14440 Ally as I? Plus it is only $40!
  7. it claims to bring smoother recoil, but it is a waste of money; it really does nothing.
  8. we call it "hillbilly humping" or "inbreeding" in the states though.
  9. its Classic Armys QD silencer and it mounts to the CQB stock flash hider perfectly.
  10. My M15 CQB, I was thinking of buying a Carrying Handle and a sling swivel. I know its nothing special but I like it. Any Commentz welcome.
  11. my first guess judging from the bolt, dust cover and mag is that its a Marui M4.
  12. MORE KITLIST PLEASE!!1 lol hehehe -thanks in advance
  13. +1 EDIT well i can see why some would want this. but if you just wanted to "warn" someone with a neutralized rep. Why not just PM THEM THE WARNING ?
  14. One of Spencers works with my own twist on it.
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