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  1. Found this part on Digikey. The rating isn't quite as high, but looks like it would work.




    I'm a little late to this conversation, but Digikey has microswitch with higher continuous amp rating than 11A. You should be using at least the same 15A microswitch that shows up in airsoft gearboxes.




    They also have ones all the way up to >20A.

  2. ARES is essentially a HK-based STAR - though STAR was based in Japan, they had no manufacturing presence there, it was all done in China (under the supervision of STAR's office in HK, which became ARES when they split from STAR.


    The way you're wording things is a little confusing. It seems like you recognize that ARES and STAR are two separate companies, but you're suggesting they might as well be the same because their products are alike?


    Crack open a STAR AEG and an ARES AEG of the same model - Identical.


    Having cracked opened both STAR M4 and the new ARES M4, that's not the case. While it is true that older ARES products, closer to the original separation between the two companies, are basically identical to STAR, it's also true that ARES is progressively refining older STAR designs. The differences are small but growing (M4 hopup is no longer locked into the gearbox, for one), especially given that STAR has products ARES does not and vice-versa.


    Anyhow, that gearbox in the PTS is ARES, no doubt at all.


    Because it's obviously impossible for anyone else to copy the features of a STAR or ARES gearbox?


    This thread is hilarious. You have usmcCorps, who's in close contact with Magpul PTS, saying it's not ARES. You have me, who's in close contact with ARES, saying it's not ARES. The only people suggesting it's ARES are people who seem to not likes ARES and am worried about the gun being ARES, despite the reviewer of this thread, Scuffer, having nothing bad to say about the sample he has on hand.

  3. STAR is ARES. ARES is STAR. Same company, different name. PTS are talking *badger*s.


    No, most definitely not the same company, from everything I've been repeated told. And I work with distributors for both companies and the ACR has come up more than once.


    I don't think STAR is involved, if only because when ARES split off, they took most of the R&D capacity with them as the OEM.


    The hopup rubber looks ARES, but parts OEMs are widely shared in the industry. There are various design points that are STAR (and now ARES) like, but I think some people are having a bit of trouble wrapping their head around the idea that someone might clone a non-TM mechbox for once. If PTS is cherry picking features, they're doing a pretty good job.


    I'll raise the issue again, but if there is an ARES-origin to the PTS mechbox above, there might be a couple Non-Disclosure Agreements in place.

  4. Oh wow, the AFG and the G36C look incredible together. Did not expect that at all. Just imagine throwing some Magpul G36 mags on there.


    Nice review, though soon to be outdated. ARES has a new line of G36s coming out that's suppose to blow every existing G36 away.


  5. I recently made inquiries as to the availability of parts unique to the Ares Tavor, and I was horriified to discover that it is close to impossible to find any after market parts.


    Which of the parts unique to the ARES Tavor are you worried about? Unless more guns use that gearbox, it'd be unlikely that an aftermarket manufacturer would jump in and make the special parts.


    Also, can you elaborate on what's wrong with your microswitch?

  6. All I can say again is; Yes the Ares Tavor is a beautyfull and solid gun. Now would I advise someone else to buy an Ares Tavor? No, just because they sell it with a ripoff sight is a sign they do not care about customers satisfaction. So, stay away from that.


    Did you buy the Tavor for the sight or the gun?


    The performance of the MARS is unfortunate, but at the end of the day, it's removable.


    If ARES didn't care about customers satisfaction, the Tavor itself would've been the problem, not the accessory.

  7. Well considering the mars was 'included' its not really paid for is it? It sucks as a sight, but its not the end of the world... the Iron sighs are really good!


    Sure you pay for it. "Included" doesn't mean free, the cost of making the accursed thing and a profit margin for it is still factored into the price of the Tavor. I'd expect the Tavor to retail between $70-100USD less without the MARS.

  8. Seems to me like 90% percent of this thread has been more of a guide to fix the gun then a review of any kind, which tells me that this gun is just a gimmicky heap of rubbish like most STAR/ARES products.


    First of all, ARES and Star are not the same company. Second, most of this thread has been nitpicking, including my own posts, because that's what airsofters do. Read closely and you'll notice all the users actually do like the gun, just not the MARS so much.


    From what I gather the best thing that is said about this gun is that it has "decent" performance but for the price I think it should have a lot more going for it. I would wait for the TSI or a Chinese clone to come out.


    For what you'd be paying with a TSI, I sure as heck hope so. I highly doubt a lowest-bidder Chinese clone will be better than the ARES.

  9. Assuming that they still use a micro switch inside the body, it would be the cause of any lock ups. I know my old STAR FNC would occasionally lock up, and there was a small hole through which to depress the unit again.


    From what I understand, Ares' use of microswitch has absolutely nothing to do with the occasional lock ups. It's just the same trigger lock up as other guns, where the mechbox sometimes cycles and stops in a midway position where it blocks the trigger on semi. As Pudding said, auto clears the problem. The problem probably lies elsewhere in the new TAR trigger system, not the use of a microswitch.


    I think the need for a reset switch in the FNC has something to do with the FNC's trigger system being complicated by a 3rd burst feature.

  10. Check out this post from over at airsoftmechanics, they've got photos of the mechbox opened up.



    Thank you very much.


    Based on the description over at ASM, it sounds like the exact same Ares/Star piston as in their M4A1. I'm not sure why the author can't shave aftermarket piston down enough to work, because I managed to shave a Modify piston to fit fine. It's possible that the TAR-21 follows a slightly different design, but I'm somewhat skeptical. I had to shave the Modify piston down pretty aggressively. I need to make a ASM account.


    The stock transparent piston is ok with one major caveat: the area behind the piston head is poorly molded. Instead of being all the same thickness as with basically all pistons, the Ares/Star piston have patches that get very thin.

  11. thats about right from my gander last time i was in there. you would have to build up some plastic on the top to operate the blowback though.


    Looking at your pictures at ASCUK, it looks like if one fits in a standard half-tooth piston, one can pull the piston out of the mechbox without even opening the mechbox. I wish TM had actually just taken the extra step of designing the blowback system so that the TM piston can be removed without opening the mechbox. The durability of TM pistons aside, it still would be nice to be able to inspect and replace a high wear component like the piston so conveniently.

  12. Hey folks, here's an observation about the piston. Please note that I don't actually own a SOPMOD/SOCOM, and all this is conjecture based on internet observations.


    Based on this thread, it seems there is at least one instance of someone in Japan getting an aftermarket piston to work. However, there doesn't seem to be any actual aftermarket piston released specific for the SOPMOD/SOCOM.


    Based on the limited pictures available of the SOPMOD/SOCOM piston design, it seems to closely resemble the existing half-teeth pistons.









    Now one of the review did mention some sort of notch on the TM stock SOPMOD/SOCOM piston that engages the bolt cover.




    Assuming that's a notch into the piston itself, and assuming that the TM piston is based on the existing half-teeth design, it should be possible to get the existing half-teeth pistons to properly work with a basic removal of material.


    The situation is a little more complicated if the notch is some type of protrusion, but at least existing half-teeth pistons might keep the gun running until someone release a proper aftermarket piston.


    Of course, that's assuming the TM piston is just a modified half-teeth piston. Hopefully someone can verify my guesswork.

  13. 6. Charging handle is a dream to operate. I was actually practicing malfunction clearing earlier with the gun.


    Does pulling the charging handle back release the bolt catch after reloading with a full mag?


    7. Performance is good for a gun shooting 296 fps. Easily hitting 10X12 targets at 100 feet.


    Any comment on the hopup? It's the biggest hopup unit ever, I think.


    12. Trigger pull rocks face. Its short, its light. Unfortunately, it doesnt "break" but neither do any other AEG's so no harm no foul.


    Star has a mild trigger break, due to use of microswitch. Can't remember if PTWs do.


    2. Real MOE heatshields wobble a bit. They require a little bit of "shimming" in order to correct the wobble.


    Airsoft MOE heatshields slightly wobble on my Star, I can't imagine the airsoft and real MOE heatshields differing that much in tolerance. I suspect it's an issue with the heatshield rather than any specific gun.

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