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  1. Do you enjoy getting righteously indignant at one of the smallest airsoft manufacturers in the world? Airsoft Innovations is a very, very small number of people, of course not everyone is going to get served equally quickly.
  2. Tucking your pants into your boots equals open door to getting gravel inside.
  3. Nice full length, weasel. I've always wanted a G36 with a cut down barrel like that.
  4. I thought about that, too, but wasn't sure if I wanted P226 trades on a non-P226. My importer quoted me just over $100CDN for a KJW P226 slide assembly, which isn't bad considering the state on Canadian law. And once I sell my P229 slide assembly, the cost of the project will be a lot more reasonable. BTW Romulus, thanks for the offer of more pics, but I think I'll be good for now. Hopefully I'll have some pics for the SIG thread after this is all said and done.
  5. If I could afford a whole another gun, even temporarily, I would. I still might resort to that plan: wait until I've got enough spare money in the bank to buy the P226, swap the slide and sell the other hybrid. I actually made some pictures as to what they'd look like, too: http://www.airsoftcanada.com/showthread.php?t=48191 Thanks for pointing out the UNCo stock. I had checked there before, but I definately wasn't thorough enough.
  6. This thread has inspired me to try and create a P226/229 hybrid. Though sourcing a KJW P226 slide on its own is proving to be tricky. Not many of my fellow Canadians want to trade for my P229 slide and even fewer wants part with only half their P226. I'm trying to contact KJW directly and see if something can be worked out through there. Aesthetics aside, I'd certainly love to put a tightbore in my SIG without resorting to a cutting tool. Interestingly, I've noticed way more posts about Dremmeling Hogues to fit, rather than getting a RS mainspring seat and Dremmeling that instead.
  7. Nice review, I'm now considering a 229 as my next sidearm because of it. Just out of curiousity, though, exactly how good is the slide-to-frame fitment? I'm really looking for a gun with really good slide-to-frame fit and no audible rattle. Also, if you decide to take more pictures of your gun, I'd love to see a close up of the mag's gas valve. As for the extended outer barrel, the ones that made it into Canada don't seem to have the extended outer barrel. I like the look of either versions, though. Thanks again for the review.
  8. Small pic request: a stock TM1911 slide on a stock TM4.3 frame. Thanks in advance.
  9. Wow, WE certainly makes some strange combinations. I was wrong, WGC doesn't have that thing. Not to split hairs, but I'd have called that a Para Ord, too. Printed on Colt trades on the slide is one thing, but when the grip and mag on a 1911 goes doublestacker, P14 is the first thing that comes to mind. I'd say physical dimensions overrules trades.
  10. Impressive. Something like this really means a great deal to someone with a third hand AEG still running on stock gears.
  11. It'd also be annoying, IMO, to get the wires to run out to the rear in that situation. The standard stock offers no means for rewiring to the rear, especially since it both seals against the rear of the rifle and mechanically protrudes *into* the hole in the rear of the rifle where you'd ideally want the wiring to exit the receiver. This means that you'll have to run the wiring externally along much of the rifle in order to get it to the stock. I'd just save up for a KV stock or even a larger foregrip. Or hell, even a battery sling.
  12. There's one made for TM, you can use that.
  13. How hard was the job? Only the sear-related portion had to be filed, the pin portion fits properly by default? I'd rather file a flat bit than a round post. And do you think one can pull it off with a file, or would a Dremmel be required?
  14. I'm having problems finding aftermarket thumb safety for WA1911 Gov aside from Sheriff. What are the makers of aftermarket WA thumb safeties, and are any other company GBB's thumb safety design compatible with WA's?
  15. Check out the review at Airsoft France, the KJW looks like a carbon copy of the TM. Wish I could understand more French, I really would like to know if the slide has any wiggle room on the frame. WE does and annoys me.
  16. Hey Skyflash, do remember to write a review.
  17. What Sledge said. Love my WE, make no sense to use it as donor for a TM though. If you really just want TM1911 guts, contact leonardinjapan @ hotmail.com, he does custom TM part orders.
  18. It's worth noting that it's not really a fair comparison between 1911's and 2011, much less a WE1911 to TM2011. It's too easy for TM's superior gas efficiency and 2011's superior gas capacity to out perform a 1911. For example, thanks to the greater gas capacity in 2011, I've gotten a WE Dragon to fire in well below freezing weather with the use of heat packs. That's essentially impossible with the WE1911. As for WE1911 gas efficiency, the loading nozzle-to-piston head is rather poor, largely because the loading nozzle itself is poorly made. Replacing it is definately a priority. P
  19. This is where all the 1911 owners are, so I don't see how my question is out of place here. At least here it's just a post, whereas I'd have to start an entire thread just for a simple question if I were to post in the Handguns forum. Not that kind of simple question, simple as in I just want to find someone who currently owns both a TM1911 and WE1911.
  20. Does anyone here currently own both a TM1911 and a WE1911? If so, I'd like to talk to you.
  21. The Saint

    1911 Duel

    Yes, in all likelihood. However, I recall one report of someone trying to fit an outer barrel made for TM to the WE where the fit was somewhat tight and required some sanding/wear.
  22. The Saint

    1911 Duel

    Inner or outer barrel?
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