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  1. That looks like no more than the stock inner barrel length of 495mm.
  2. TM stock pistons are very good, so I'd keep it.
  3. 1cem4n, the cut off lever allows the gun to fire in semi.
  4. Why do people put neon lights under their car? Perceived pimp factor.
  5. And the MP7 has a significantly longer inner barrel, by like 5cm.
  6. Rule of thumb, if it's got a metal slide that blows back, green is preferred. You're not going to increase gas efficiency with a tightbore, because most of the actual inefficiency in a WE is in the blowback engine. Best thing to do is to replace the stock loading nozzle with the aftermarket one by Guarder and either shim the stock piston head or replace it with the Nine Ball metal one.
  7. Hey folks, can anyone think of a RDS that lines up correctly with the G36''s iron sights?
  8. My Intellect 8.4v 3600mah NiMH only fits after completely tearing off its original protective wrapping, and even then it's almost impossible to get it in/out, and that's with the butt plate off. You'll most likely want to aim for a battery with lower mah rating than 3600, since in additional to fitting you don't need more than 2000 to run the gun well.
  9. The Saint

    1911 Duel

    If you eventually remember, do drop us a post here. I, too, would eventually like to have a slide with properly engraved trades.
  10. The Saint

    1911 Duel

    Was that question ever answered? I'd like to know, too.
  11. Not necessarily inferior hopup. Different style, higher stock velocity, possible upgraded internals, not the same as a TM v7 mechbox and its potential to crack, possible polymer stock. We'll know more when it's closer to being released. Just the higher velocity would win me over, though. I really don't want to upgrade my TM14 SOCOM, but I really want something that shoots harder.
  12. I've heard of one instance of a v7 breaking: http://www.airsoftcanada.com/showthread.php?t=35364
  13. What kinda off? Alignment or fitment?
  14. Quick question, sorry if it's been asked elsewhere before, but Arnies is a hell to search through sometimes. Can WA1911 (SCW Wilson CQB) grips fit on TM or WE1911s?
  15. Kinda skeptical about the above hypothesis, because WE seemed to have copied TM2011s without any such measure. Current trend of China clones also leads me to think that TM either can't or doesn't try to protect its intellectual property against unauthorized duplication. God I need some rosewood grips for me WE... They're so pretty they make my eyes hurt.
  16. The Rosewood looks horrible! In fact, it looks so horrible that you should ship them to me, so I may put them on my WE1911 and thus forever sparing you of the possibility of them ever gracing your WE1911 again. The sooner you ship them, the sooner the nightmare will be over for you. Please?
  17. Thanks Ray, I happen to be eating right now. There goes my appetite.
  18. There's already a thread for that here: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...opic=92481&st=0
  19. Yeah, I noticed the KA mags have a really, really stiff BB retaining tab. I'm considering sniping the spring or replacing it.
  20. Unfortunately, it's too late for me. =(
  21. You just need to remove the bolt catch and dremmel off a part of its underside that stops it from articulating. I only know the principle, and it's been a while since I read it so I can't talk anyone through.
  22. I was wondering about that, too. Was kinda hoping they either enabled the bolt catch or addressed how some semi cut off levers lived shorter lives than others.
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