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  1. I really hope that isn't true, as it would've saved me ######, at this rate, Zeon'll be right. I'll be the third person in Canada to own a SOCOM, not the second.
  2. Me three, though I'll probably be the last to actually get it.
  3. That AGM SOC16 job makes me a little annoyed that I have to pay several times the amount for a TM SOCOM14. Thank you very much, Canada.
  4. Not teflon tape, masking tape. Just wrap it around your inner barrel neatly until there's enough to center your inner barrel inside the outer barrel. Make sure it's not too tight and that the inner barrel assembly can still slide smoothly inside the outer barrel. You can can then shim the space between the outer barrel and the slide, but I don't know how to do that on a 5.1k. It's easy on a Dragon because the very front half of the slide don't move, but it's a lot trickier with a standard slide.
  5. The Saint

    1911 Duel

    Good job mate, you've condemned me to spending money I don't have!
  6. Must... Have... More... Spending power! I rather wish I held off getting a GBB until now.
  7. LOL, I emailed Arnie, who separated out the CA36C review into its only thread, only for someone else to add a CA36E review to the '36K thread.
  8. The current CA36K reader's review thread has Arnie's own CA36C review in it with pictures of the '36C rather than the '36K, is that appropriate? I know the '36K is based on the '36C, but should they be sharing the same thread? I think the '36C and '36K deserves their own thread each, or at the very least the current CA36K review thread should have its title changed to "CA36(C/E/KE)" to reflect its inclusion of all CA36 models. The reviews themselves are great, we can always use more review of the CA36s, especially the E and KE.
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