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  1. oh how i miss thee.

  2. I like it.. Am I going to hell now?
  3. Okie. edit is clickable again....
  4. Well, you see, I cant edit my posts. The edit button be there, but when I click it it does nothing...Suggestion on what I should do?(Im assuming its only me, as my friend can do it...But I cant.)
  5. TheDio


    Indeed I am. Arnies hates me I think.
  6. TheDio


    You searched for: airsoft Unfortunately your search didn't return any results. Try broadening the search parameters by searching by different keywords or altering the format of your search. Remember to use the wildcard '*' to increase the number of matches. Apple* will match 'apple' and 'apples'. OK, so ANYTHING i search for comes up with NOTHING. Ive emptied my cookies n all that, and still nothing? is this happening to anyone else?? please help. EDIT:just noticed i put this in general, my bad. mods please move. EDIT2:Thanks Desolation, but no cigar.
  7. But not a Austrian thread.
  8. TheDio


  9. Well, thats it...Im going to Slovenia. WHOS WITH ME?!
  10. You got some crazy guns Boba Fett, nice nonetheless....for a famas atleast.
  11. Darklite would most likely compare the lightsabre to his penis. Oh, too far? Im sorry.
  12. This thread has made my day, thank you. review some more damn it!
  13. Correct me if im wrong, but arent shotguns...the opposite of Precision?
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