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  1. Indeed it is. The grips are painted metal adding alot of weight, so I've been hesitant to put on my lighter pachmyr grips.
  2. My new SCW2 FBI Trial Pistol
  3. just got my SCW2 FBI Trial Pistol from the mailman! This gun is, in my mind atleast, the definitive WA singlestacker. only downside is the extra long bumper(longer than the one on the CQB and Vreakers!), I'm wondering if one of the Tanaka extended gas tube...thingies would work...
  4. KSC's first Sig Pro attempt, the sp2340 was widely regarded as ######. Their second model, the sp2009 was a major improvment. DumboRAT wrote up an excellent review of the sp2009 at www.airsoftcore.com
  5. Hey, like I always say, "Atleast they're more diverse than Glocks!" *also hides behind a rock*
  6. flateric41, how to like your Silver Delta elite 10mm? I've been thinking about getting one as my "showpeice" type gun, and putting the wooden grips from FBI Trial Pistol onto it.
  7. Nope, completely stock. WA's HeavyWeight material looks and feels just like metal.
  8. I bought it from some HK Dealer back in late summer '04. Excellent gun, but I just sold it recently to buy the new SCW2 FBI Trial Pistol.
  9. Awesome collection! What 1911 is that located to the upper right of the SCW Wilson? the MEU?
  10. Nope, it actually is from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Both are excellent movies.
  11. - Maruzen m870bv with 13 shells, Surefire G2 Nitrolon, and KM shell catcher/holder - TM G36c, 3 standards, 1 highcap, 350FPS - TM AK-47, 1 standard, 1 highcap on the way, stock internals - WA SCW m1911a1 Military Model, Pachmyre grips - UHC Beretta M92F, 3 mags
  12. They are indeed advertised with Pachymer wrap around rubber grips, but upon reading the fine print... "Pachymer grip extra" Here is the gun as it will be sold:
  13. I was interested in the MEU SOC....until I realized it DOES NOT come with Pachmyr grips. After that, it's just a Wilson CQB. The Delta Elites do look quite nice, but if(when) I get another WA 1911, it'll be a Premium Edition Series 70.
  14. As far as that LAPD Kimber, I see no fill nozzle on the mag, so it could be real... Anyway: My new Western Arms SCW Colt m1911a1 Military Model.
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