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  1. Nice, Zulu24 is right around the corner from most of my team. Screen grab from a night op yesterday:
  2. When I did mine I cut one on the top and one on the bottom to match the other positions.
  3. Just the frame is Guarder, I kept the stock plastic TM slide to better cycling/gas consumption/etc. It performs flawlessly and with the newer E2 mags I can get 2-3 mags worth of shots before refilling. I didn't install it myself though, traded with a buddy for it.
  4. VFC MK18 Block II G&P redimag CQD sling mount Viking Tactics 2pt sling Tangodown vert grip ACM KAC suppressor ACM EOtech 553 custom ACM IR laser/illum PEQ-15 Insight M3X custom ACM dual pressure switch, works with real M3X and replica PEQ-15 King Arms M4A1 Madbull DD Block II rail G&P redimag ACM Specter DR w/ dot sight ACM CQD sling adapter ACM KAC hand stop ACM KAC BUIS
  5. TM P226, Guarder non-railed frame
  6. Still needs team wendy pads and bungies/dummy cording... MS2000 isn't taped to the helmet, just covered the sticky side of some velcro with it.
  7. Question 1: Is that a M203 leaf sight rigged up to hold an iphone? If so very clever! Question 2: What adapter is that on the MK23 rail?
  8. Be proud of a re-brander's reminder that they own the copyright to the real gun's trademarks? Krylon it!
  9. Very good, the PVS5s we got were sitting in storage for the past two decades so their tubes are all in fantastic shape. For comparison, those Sightowl gen 2 monoculars use PVS5 tubes but with lots of hours on them and iffy commercial non-milspec lenses. I've owned a Sightowl Gen 2, ITT PVS-14, and this set up. The Gen 3 ITT was obviously the clearest image/best amplification, but for airsoft this custom set up is more than ideal.
  10. Here's a PM I just sent about them, they are are modified PVS-5Cs. "My teammate (guy on the right) is the one who did it. He would have to give you the real scoop on it, but here is the gist of it: - PVS-5Cs, can't be the A model, needs the Wilcox PVS-7/14 style objective lens. Stripe away everything but the tubes/lenses assemblies - ANVIS LPBP, has to be rewired completely (turns out there is a circuit board inside, not as easy as he thought it was gonna be) - N-Vision dual PVS-14 adapter, tube/lens assemblies slip right in. - LEMO connector to match the LPBP one, solder power down
  11. Mine is on the left. Waiting on team wendy pads and I have to mount my MS2000 and bungies. I taped down the power cord after the picture was snapped.
  12. I'm on the left, teammate on the right. As people have asked in other places; those are PVS-5Cs that have been modified to run on ANVIS battery packs and mount to normal NOD mounts.
  13. Neither, just had to cut two small notches matching the top/bottom notches on either arm of the stock. The gradual recesses at the front and back and unnecessary for a stock position in the middle.
  14. KWA MP7...desperately need a new camera... Used a dremmel to create a new stock position, fully extended was meh
  15. Ops Core FAST Base Jump Mil Version ITT PVS-14
  16. Personally I've never needed glue. Walmart sells industrial strength self adhesive velcro strips.
  17. Yup, you can do that. My teammate took one of the shattered windows and made a polycarbonate lens to stick in it.
  18. I've seen two ITT sacrificial windows on two separate NODs shatter upon impact at a CQB event. They did do their job and protect the NOD lens though.
  19. G&G AKMS Bought it over the summer, sold it, re-bought the same exact one Saturday at a local shop.
  20. -Protec A-Alpha - Opscore mount - USGI rhino arm, USGI j-arm - Sightowl ANVS-MA9 Gen 2+ NOD - Original SOE helmet ballast pouch w/ MS2000, 6x AA, 6x cr123a batteries - Surefire helmet light (blue/white) on Tangodown mount
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