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  1. Finally got my EOTech 552 Rev F (for $310 )
  2. Not really, Force Recon used to use MP5s and M1911s before the M4 became widespread.
  3. Unless you're wearing a ghillie suit, camo doesn't really matters all that much. Especially with a ton of solid color gear, unpainted face/hands, and black glasses.
  4. Check out Titleist's CIRAS pics/review, the Emdom Admin pouch is extremely low profile.
  5. http://www.skirmish.at/scans/manuals/wa_19...1_manual_07.jpg look at step #2.
  6. There is a hex screw under the inner barrel/chamber housing. It can be adjusted without disassembling the pistol.
  7. Sure, couldn't link to it, but here's a screencap:
  8. No, they can't. J-Armory is the only one that uses Authentic Springfield trademarks.
  9. Yeah pretty much, they are still J-Armory. That said, there isn't really a big difference between J-Armory and WA SCW3/Magna-Techs.
  10. Eric Haney is not exactly liked by the SFOD-D community.
  11. Is that a real AN PVS-14? If so DAMN!
  12. ...and each of those promos you posted are for recent seasons... Edit: Well except the last one, he took that USP from a terrorist after they tortured him.
  13. In the first and second season he used a P229, or a 226 when the prop dept. screwed up.
  14. the batteries used to power Surefire style taclights.
  15. Correct, it won't take a battery like a crane stock, but it can hold a handful of 123a batteries. I haven't had an opportunity to compare it to the Guarder version.
  16. Clearly you're not a Kalashnikova connoisseur; each of those rifles is a different variant.
  17. or a MOD stock, I just got the KA one and I truely love it.
  18. The main difference is the slide. P229s use a one piece forged stainless steel slide, apposed to the 228 and 226's stamped slide.
  19. Very nice Titleist! I always wondered what the propmaster was smoking the day of that shoot when he gave them 20rd mags, in bandoliers no less!
  20. breakdown: CA M15A4 Rifle -CA RIS -Samuri BUIS (Arms #40 copy) -STAR enhanced grip -KA sling adapter -M120 spring -Systema bearing spring guide -Systema red piston -Systema silent head set -Systema teflon cylinder -Systema nozzle -Systema motor -Systema hopup and bucking CA M15A4 Carbine -KA RAS kit -KA MOD Stock -KA sling adapter -KA PEQ2 -Guarder foregrip -Proud Aimpoint w/ raised L mount -Samuri BUIS (Arms #40 copy) KA 200mm supressor, will go on either gun depending on what I need.
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