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  1. breakdown: CA M15A4 Rifle -CA RIS -Samuri BUIS (Arms #40 copy) -STAR enhanced grip -KA sling adapter -M120 spring -Systema bearing spring guide -Systema red piston -Systema silent head set -Systema teflon cylinder -Systema nozzle -Systema motor -Systema hopup and bucking CA M15A4 Carbine -KA RAS kit -KA MOD Stock -KA sling adapter -KA PEQ2 -Guarder foregrip -Proud Aimpoint w/ raised L mount -Samuri BUIS (Arms #40 copy) KA 200mm supressor, will go on either gun depending on what I need.
  2. Funny, that is the picture I was basing the light placement off of. I'm not use to using a full size M16 so I looked on the Wiki page and saw that. In actuality it doesn't matter though, because that ugly light and grip combo is already off my rifle.
  3. I wish, just some $20 dealie from CTD.
  4. New rifle, so I naturally had to toss all my accessories on : Base: CA M15A4 Rifle CA M5 RIS Full Systema internals (The PEQ-2 stays on my M4, just threw it on for the pic.)
  5. New rifle, so I naturally had to toss all my accessories on : Base: CA M15A4 Rifle CA M5 RIS Full Systema internals (The PEQ-2 stays on the M4, just threw it on for the pic.) Both M15s and my MEU:
  6. Current incarnation of my M15A4:
  7. No, Guarder's Coyote Brown does look kinda pinkish.
  8. Current rig - Rundown: BHI CRCH w/ back plate carrier CT 3x CTD shingles OD 1x BHI shingle OD 1x TT triple shingle CT 1x TT TT shingle OD Gaurder quad .45 mag pouch CB Milspec utility pouch OD BHI Hydrocarrier OD Camelback
  9. Evil: Did you paint that at all? If not then all the pictures of it on the various retailers are doing it injustice!
  10. Actually it is the 2Roy launcher. Titleist: Guarder kits FTW
  11. From this: to this: From this: to this: to this: from this: to this:
  12. Cybergun is an importer, not manufacturer.
  13. The grip safties, sights, and hammers are different. Some small markings on the frame are different. The Early Version doesn't have front slide serrations.
  14. Good question, I picked it up used from the forums. I have no idea how he mounted it.
  15. I assummed it was common knowledge. They raided Saddam's sons' hideout back in July 2003. http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/07/22/...sons/index.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Task_Force_121 Edit: To bring this back on topic, my upgraded MEU-SOC Early.
  16. ...because it's a known fact that Delta was one of the leading elements of TF121. And unless the 101st abrn issued tricked out 1911s, that is a Delta operator.
  17. Though most likely not made by Colt, they do use a custom m1911 variant. (blotted out the dead body in pic)
  18. ...or more likely he has the Western Arms Delta Elite... The mags and aftermarket slide release kinda give it away.
  19. Took a new pic of my rig last night... Guarder CRCH copy, CB -TT 3x shingle, tan, bungies removed -TT shingle, OD -BHI shingle, OD -Guarder single M4 pouch, CB -Guarder utility pouch, CB -Gaurder small random pouch, CB -Guarder admin pouch, CB I have a BHI back plate carrier, BHI MOLLE Camelbak pouch, and 3x CTD shingles incoming.
  20. Quantico's Finest Tanaka M40a1 (OD paintjob) WA MEU-SOC Early Version Whole Force Recon line up
  21. WA MEU-SOC Early Version (black version) -SD Kimber metal slide -Guarder hammer/recoil springs - 3x 23rd Wilson Combat mags - Gemtech retention lanyard (foilage green)
  22. Boom Arms and GunsnGuys have some too.
  23. Despite being rather unheard of company, they're P226 parts are pretty good. I had their slide and barrel on my old pistol.
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