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  1. Sorry for the very late (+1yr .. cough) reply. Not on here much these days. (Most chat seems to be on the Wild West Airsoft chat group on FB.) The Cassiopeia shells are discharged by an impact at the front of the shell, not the rear. In the revolvers, this is done with a lever and a circular tube that when fired, pushes back into the front of the shell against a circular seal. So i made my own barrel/hop assembly that the shells rest against. The falling block is skimmed to make a little thinner and is held off the rear of the shell by a spring. When fired, the hammer falls, pushes t
  2. They are all airsoft, but the shotgun, both Sharps and of course the Gatling are custom builds.
  3. And then there is the Gatling...
  4. I have added a rifle since the picture was taken. The Sharps rifle (and the carbine ) fires Tanaka Cassiopeia 50cal shells.
  5. I had the same dilemma and converted the carbine.the rifle is the better gun of the two in standard form and so the carbine became relegated to being a spare. Once the gas system was fitted, it was transformed.
  6. Major necropost sorry, but some usefull info if you have this gun. I love mine to bits, litterally! Very solidly built and happy with everything except fps. Mine was woefully low. (less than 300 with a 0.2) Figured it might be due to the gun rather than the mags as both mags perform the same. So I took it apart to look at the nozzle/barrel etc. Very easy but long winded strip. Nice to see threadlock on grub screws. Very well assembled. Plastic inner parts where strength not required helps to keep the weight down (ish). Anyway, barrel/hop /nozzle were all good. Fps st
  7. Nope, the tube I used was slightly oversize and when examined to take the photos above was still exactly where I put it. Also, why would it be shot out? The air will take the easiest route; through the tube' Any blockage in the barrel would only add to the pressure within the rubber tube adding to the grip it has.
  8. A couple of people have asked via pm for details of how to reduce the number of bbs per shot so here goes: Assuming you can remove the stock, trigger mechanism and gas reservoir: You will need to loosen of the grub screw in the base to release the tension on the rotating cylinder. Remove the four little screws and withdraw the cylinder. Cut a short length of rubber tube (6mm diameter) and insert it into the 'barrel end' of the cylinder. (This is a slightly larger diameter than the end that is nearest the stock.) Push this tube firmly into place. Test this
  9. Yup. Bring it to next game. It'll take all of two minutes. (I have some tube left).
  10. Just found this thread and wished I had found it weeks ago! I have had a problem with mine not holding enough gas. My initial feelings about this gun were good and the it performed well for half a day. Then it simply refused to hold gas for more than about three or four shots. (Green) I figured out a way of reducing the number of bbs fired with each shot. All that is needed is piece of rubber tube 6mm OD - about 10mm long. Put this into the rotating part of the loading mechanism and Robert is your mothers brother. (I used some rubber tube cut off a metal hook but any 6mm tube
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