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  1. They were dirty, i don´t know why seem so clean in the photo, i think no dirty enough.
  2. This is the loadout that i use in my last skirmish. This is my first post in this section, please be gentle. Greetings!!!! No googles as i just was posing. The kneepads left in my bag, i forgot to put on for the photshoot.
  3. I also use a single point sling in my VFC AKS74U
  4. DerRelienT thank you so much!!!!
  5. The rail come with the AEG and it has a manual that is a copy of the TM SG552 so it does not show how to put the rail. I think that this doubt is not enough reason to start a new thread and as this is the sig thread i think that someone could help me. Finally, i know that amateurstuntman explain well but my primary language is spanish, so i don´t undertand certain words. Anyway thanks for all!!!
  6. Sorry for being so noobish but can you place a picture or a draw?. Thanks!!!!
  7. how do i put the top rail in the JG SG550?
  8. Noobish question: how do i put the top rail in the JG SG550? Thanks!!!!
  9. That has to be the most beatiful M4 that i have ever seen, do you mind to put a part list?. Thanks!!!!
  10. wow, in portugal not only your AEG requires orange tip, the players also need one Greetings!!!!
  11. Stuntman, that place are truly and really awesome!!!!!
  12. WOW!!! , Awesome loadout and really nice G36 also
  13. Do the TM MP7 Battery fit in the Galaxy G.7?
  14. gafes

    VFC HK416

    If you are gonna rewire to the back you need the one that´s is suitable for M16, if you are gonna use the baterry in the front then you need the one that is for the XM177 and CAR15
  15. Awesome room Lord Sex, you are officially from now on the king of Spain (in terms of airsoft of course ).
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