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  1. That looks like the S&T/AY clone of the Silverback Bizon,they just used their presentation/ad video for the Silverback on that link since it's a clone.
  2. Holy *suitcase*. That's amazing. The recoil on one hand is nearly or just as hard as on a GBB pistol. The shimming sounds flawless too. Did the BTC specter get in the way of shimming? Going around the gears is a bit concerning for me but it looks cool. Still,that shoots just beautifully. How many internal organs worth do you think it is?
  3. old skool bretta. the operatoriest choice About 40k rounds through it? I lost count. Had it for 3 years now,gas venting piece of *suitcase* but It's never really failed me in combat and kicks like a mule. Upgreyds yo: TM nozzle PDi W hold bucking Unknown brand Piston head nozzle sealy thing Unknown brand recoil spring TM action bar Unknown brand hammer TM Various internal springs some other shiet I cannot into remember
  4. To me it looks like OP got one of the pre production versions. Spot welding,stamping and riveting look far better than williards example,which is a production version that looks like it was rushed out to flood the market. There's no real proof E&L are made in a real weapon factory,their quality cert looks nothing like Norincos, all other info this is made by a real steel company is marketing. Judging from production versions bought by the polish,it looks like a steel Dboys lemon in LCT system.
  5. Yeh,about 275€/230£ for a TK105. Probably retailer assembled with bodykits though. I think I'd rather wait and see with the E&Ls,far too much conflicting info,maybe due to poor QC on E&L's part. The ones I saw on rus.mil.pl looks like big casts of scrap metal compared to yours which looks just as good as VFC/LCT,finish wise.
  6. So It's fully pinned like VFC? LCT still has the half pin/half screw construction since they were OEM'ing the Inokatsu kits,this may be a step up. But just be sure,I'd say check the outer barrel for them pesky screws. I'm gonna try find some info on the build style via other forums. I'm a bit conflicted on these. The Polish are saying it's ######,but it looks really good here,it's still more expensive than LCT in Ireland(At the moment). Must have been a bad day in QC in whatever factory E&Ls are made I still need to wait before some guy at the local site picks one up so I can
  7. Surprised you say stronger materials on the E&L,I've held a RealSword and that felt stronger than any LCT or VFC I've seen,steel looked better quality and better stamped. Do you think the build system on the E&L is new or VFC/LCT based? Looks like LCT base to me. I'm concerned for the finish staying on the gun,not really looks as I tend to abuse guns a lot,rolling through mud and other wet things ,etc.. so I am worried about corrosion. I've already had a KJ M9 hammer and some VSR screws rust away on me. Also,I may sound mean,but is there any actual proof of these being ma
  8. Did you experience any cases of the oxidized finish coming off? Lots of reports of crude stamping, spot welding and construction,finish coming off,piston failing and even an air bubble in a pistol grip on rus.mil.pl and a few other eastern european webbies. How does the overall construction quality compare to LCT,Dboys and VFC? Do the E&L justify their VFC & LCT level price or should we stick to steel Dboys? let's not put RealSword into this as they are in a completely different league! To me,in all honesty,it looks like an LCT clone with a few differences,such as proper select
  9. Auld Skool hey It's a mix of Soviet & NATO stuff,mainly bought at bazaars when I was on my annual holiday in Ukraine,because I'm a cheap *bramston pickle*. No ACM repro here. US ALICE Y Harness US ALICE LC2 belt Soviet Canteen Soviet made leather holster-Not sure if military issue British Pat58 pouch-My main utility pouch.
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