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You can shoot me most often @Skirmish Airsoft, Mansfield but I get around. Fav loadout is British DPM, but I also have all black and my Soviet late 80's - early 90's loadout is complete enough to field. I could also pull a convincing urban guerilla look together from my ordinary clothes. I often wear a custom bum-rig which allows me to sit on pretty much anything which isn't actually on fire, which is very helpful because I have health issues which cause me constant pain, so sometimes I just have to get off my feet immediately.


My guns in order of newest to me 1st: Upgraded A&K Dragunov SVD, HFC HG-106 (for conversion to Pistola Makarova look alike), SRC G36KV (custom), ICS AKS-74U, Custom Palco Firepower Raider CO2 Pistol, Ares L1A1 SLR, CYMA CM.028U Tactical AK47.

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