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  1. Finally got the flash hider today: I couldnt find any VFC-style milled lower receivers though, so I couldnt make it a "true" Arsenal AR-SF, but the stamped receiver will have to do. I like how it turned out though.
  2. It was practically a drop in fit. Although on the AKS74U there is a plastic block that the hopup mounts to, so youll have to take out the gearbox to get the plastic bloc out then remove the gearbox from the AKMS to fit the block in. Then you simply slide the barrel assembly in & there you go. I assume the Dboys use the same construction as the Cyma. I have never owned a Dboys so I cant tell for sure if this works for those or not. // Anton
  3. Heres some of my AK's: Now, the AKS74U & the AKMS is merged to create this: Im going to convert the resulting AKMS with sidefolder to an AKS74 as soon as the parts arrive though.
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