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  1. Why doesn't anyone have the Dominator International 870?
  2. Dominator 870 now modded to accept APS shells. Abandon APS platform, proceed to nearest DM870 dealer.
  3. Buy mine. Has a real trigger block in it.
  4. I did draw up the OG shells in CAD, it wouldn't be hard to set up a CNC lathe to *suitcase* them out in some medium carbon steel.
  5. RIP Golden Age of Shell Ejectors
  6. https://shop.jkarmy.com/we-apache-45rds-magazine-v2-gbb.html Here's the correct curve V2 mags. Evike has an Angel Customs (yeah I know) 225mm GBB barrel for it and you can find the Z Parts trigger group around. Then it's just a new hop up bucking and whatever external bits and bobs that you feel like.
  7. Is that a 14mm threaded steel barrel or an adapter?
  8. Got any good videos of it firing? Standard 14mm threads?
  9. That's where the valve knocker goes
  10. I was going to use WE co2 mags with a Guarder kit.
  11. Does anyone have a steel Guarder kit 17 or 34? How is it?
  12. http://m.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/local/20161019/970889/ Here's the police video of converted APS 870
  13. Does anyone have a RA receiver set? How are they? I've had this parts gun sitting in my room for years and I think it's finally time to start reviving it. I want to pump as much steel into it as possible, seeing as how everything is currently made of cheese. My original plan was to draw everything up in Inventor or Solidworks and go from there, including a one piece outer barrel populated with real parts and using a real rear sight assembly. However it might be more cost and time effective to start with all the RAT steel parts and fill in from there with custom fab parts, including 8, 42,
  14. Oh wow...it's cheaper than before. That's nice.
  15. I still think modifying the receiver like that to fit the cover is ugly as *suitcase*.
  16. I had the same issue, I welded a dot onto the hammer sear "C plate" so the trigger could push it the extra millimeter.
  17. Youtube should have what you're looking for. Make sure you have the special wrench tool.
  18. Fit a real trigger group and speedfeed stock. Up next drill out rear pin hole for real size pin.
  19. Unless you want to spend the $2600 plus stamp fees for the real package. I have some LEO strings I might be able to pull to order parts. Unfortunately that still leaves the REM LOC quick-change stock system, the two stocks, shorter mag tube, and short barrel rings.
  20. Too short though. Serbu is 6.5" barrel and MCS breacher is 10
  21. Why has APS not made a MCS breacher with pachmayr grip and 10 inch barrel yet?
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