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  1. Dj_komodo

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    I have experience so no need for assumptions i have a VFC hk416C and a HK417 and i plugged the holes on the RS grips to make it work...
  2. Dj_komodo

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    The only thing that differs is the little hole on the WE (also RS) grip that’s for the little fire selector pin and spring. You can drill one yourself but you have to do it carefully...
  3. Dj_komodo

    Replica Surefire X300 flash light

    I have almost all the compact lights and the TLR-7 clones looks the best on the g19, the APLc in a close 2nd place and the XC1/XC2 is just ok. Great that it takes AAA batteries but the light is not that bright and I kinda have some mixed feelings about the overall look when it’s on the gun.
  4. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    My first build on a TM G19, just waiting on guarder to release a frame... Slide is from Nova and I used a dremel with fine grit sanding buff to take out the outer layer that annoyed me..
  5. Dj_komodo

    Umarex Beretta M92 FS

    Its T.M Type Old Ver. M92 Pistol System if you trust JK Army
  6. Dj_komodo

    Umarex Beretta M92 FS

    Looks a lot like the Stark arms Beretta https://shop.jkarmy.com/taiwan-92fs-6mm-bb-gas-airsoft-pistol-p-beretta-full-marking.html
  7. Dj_komodo

    1911 Picture Thread

    Clean looking piece as always nonex, looks great. Nice work on the photography as well
  8. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    A little dark camo on the slide & comp and the build is complete
  9. Dj_komodo

    WE All new G series products

    We need a HK3P version pronto. The tan version looks a bit off though
  10. Dj_komodo

    Tokyo Marui USP Compact

    Rainbow8.com for sure. I buy all my TM and umarex pistols from that shop. There are no warning markings on the Asian versions of the kwa/ksc/umarex Usp compact. You can buy the Asian frame as well if you want. The Tokyo Marui has the Tokyo marui logo on the frame so that is not that authentic...
  11. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    Lol, thanks mate!
  12. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    come on man, you can't really ask me that question I love each one exactly the same
  13. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    yes, i was bored
  14. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

  15. Dj_komodo

    WE AKS-74UN First Impressions (Pic heavy)

    not a drop in fit either the trigger guard was a bit in the way so I had to remove some material from the grip. Pretty straight forward, not that hard

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