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  1. Dj_komodo

    FN Picture Thread

    Not completely 0 use it’s a good cheek riser thanks bud
  2. Dj_komodo

    FN Picture Thread

    My little Frankenscar
  3. Dj_komodo

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Thanks and thank you for noticing that its a cheap china sight, only pair of kac mk18 sights I could find that didnt cost a fortune... thats ali express for ya
  4. Dj_komodo

    WE G series MOS full house

    Update please!
  5. I got my acro months ago and it’s resting in a box until I get my WE G19 gen 5 MOS. It’s the only option I got with that mounting plate... My SRO sight has been on its way from China for over 1 month now
  6. Dj_komodo

    WE G series MOS full house

    Soo much want [emoji4]
  7. Dj_komodo

    WE G series MOS full house

    So excited about this release its been a long time since I got excited about a release. G19 gen 5 MOS
  8. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    No one is against you, bell glocks are not that common in this forum, so you have to buy one and build your own opinion and share it with us. I would rather buy a used we glock than a bell.
  9. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    2 or 3 layers of that spray and 1 layer of clear coat works fine. I have not encountered any problems with the paint coming off, but i don't take the gun out skirmishing either...
  10. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    no worries, there is a little pin glued on the slide above the nozzle housing for the nozzle return spring that is very hard to remove and transfer it to the new slide. No instructions came with the new slide so I had to guess and use super glue.
  11. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    thanks, the pain i used is called EC-paint in the color black: https://www.asmc.com/Equipment/Military-Equipment/Camouflage/Camo-Face-Paint/EC-Paint-black-p.html It was a bit frustrating to make it work i must say, but it runs ok now. the sights are not steel but the finish is nice and the engravings looks ok. i don't have anything from GM or Prime so i cant compare...
  12. Dj_komodo

    Glock Picture Thread

    Long time someone posted some pictures, so here's some of my updated glocks: Painted my A1A Agency slide black. VFC g17 gen 4 with EMG sai slide Re-stippled frame on my WE G19 with A1A slide
  13. Dj_komodo

    FN Picture Thread

    TM FN Five seveN with guarder kit (2019 version)
  14. Dj_komodo

    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    AsiaAirsoft is on my boycott list after they sold me a Warsport lower and upper with the same shallow and thin markings. They lied to me and I havn't used their shop since then. They ship wrong items to you and compensate you a small discount for your next buy (think they do it on purpose). Will never buy from them again...

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