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  1. I ordered directly from kwa (I live in the US.) This is the part - KWA AEG Parts: KM4CQB/KM4SR7/KM4Commandor/CQR Series Cylinder (M33Q) Has a huge port!
  2. If you order the CQB piston cylinder (with larger port) from kwa and put this in the Scout you will leave your recoil intact and lower your fps to that of the cqb. The piston cylinder is the only internal difference between the two. I've done this and can vouch for it. Had previously tried the cut lower-powered spring and wasn't happy with the loss of recoil.
  3. The difference in FPS between the Scout length and CQB length is a result of the two guns using different pistons (the cqb version has a huge port.) The spring in both guns is exactly the same. You have two options for lowering the FPS of the Scout... 1 - Cut your spring. I've done this by cutting down a M120 spring by a few coils. This option works, but does lessen the recoil of the gun. 2 - Order the larger ported CQB piston from KWA and swap this part out. This involves opening the gear box. I've done this method and am very happy with the results. Hope this helps.
  4. Okay, I'm the owner of the gun that has "slow" trigger response . It's really not that bad at all. I even tried it again after reading Interficium's post. I think he was responding to two things... 1 - the trigger pull is pretty long. 2 - the recoil happens after the shot is fired. Basically, when the trigger makes contact the gun fires instantly. I can't feel a delay. Any other RM4 owners have any thoughts on this?
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