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  1. This is what I got from Evike Thursday 1x Umarex Legends Smoke Wagon Shells - Set of 6 1x Evike.com 12"x14" Padded Double Pistol Handgun Carrying Case (Color: OD Green) 1x Spare KWA KP45 / USP Full Size Airsoft Gas blowback magazine (NS2 System) 1x NcStar / VISM 28" Deluxe Dual Compartment Subgun / SBR Padded Carrying Bag / Case - OD Green
  2. No problem I so want that WE Apache mp5 A3
  3. Been watching a lot of your video's NonEx I've learned a lot so far. I just got back into airsoft a few weeks ago so it's like starting over again lol
  4. I'll post my 2 KSC Glock's soon A G17 with a polished outer barrel and a G19 with a polished slide.
  5. Nice Heroshark I think that's going to be my next pistol.
  6. Cool I subscribed to your Youtube channel and watched your ultimate G19 build.
  7. VLTORfan78


    WOW another awesome looking gun George. I would love to see how that Barrett M82 shoots.
  8. Hope to see some June Unboxing video's NonEx.
  9. VLTORfan78


    WOW George that Barrett M82 is one badass looking gun. I've always wanted a Barrett airsoft gun.
  10. That's silly that the picture thread doesn't count. That's the best sub-forum on here.
  11. I only have 1 post and I've posted at least 5 times in the Airsoft picture/weapons sub-forum. So I don't know why my post count isn't working.
  12. Here's what I keep my pistols in. It's a Pelican 1500. I might get another one or the 1450 for another 2 pistols I want to get. I didn't do a very good job plucking out the foam some of the pieces are loose. I got the idea from PianoBlack on ASB.
  13. Where can you get the HK3P from? They only have the compact little bird on Ehobby.
  14. Here is my Army MEU it's stock but I hope to install a few upgrades soon. The mags are TM btw.
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