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    Pictures of Airsoft Stuff You Just Bought

    This is what I got from Evike Thursday 1x Umarex Legends Smoke Wagon Shells - Set of 6 1x Evike.com 12"x14" Padded Double Pistol Handgun Carrying Case (Color: OD Green) 1x Spare KWA KP45 / USP Full Size Airsoft Gas blowback magazine (NS2 System) 1x NcStar / VISM 28" Deluxe Dual Compartment Subgun / SBR Padded Carrying Bag / Case - OD Green
  2. VLTORfan78

    Videos Thread !

    No problem I so want that WE Apache mp5 A3
  3. VLTORfan78

    Videos Thread !

    Been watching a lot of your video's NonEx I've learned a lot so far. I just got back into airsoft a few weeks ago so it's like starting over again lol
  4. VLTORfan78

    Glock Picture Thread

    I'll post my 2 KSC Glock's soon A G17 with a polished outer barrel and a G19 with a polished slide.
  5. VLTORfan78

    H&K Picture Thread

    Nice Heroshark I think that's going to be my next pistol.
  6. VLTORfan78

    Videos Thread !

    Cool I subscribed to your Youtube channel and watched your ultimate G19 build.
  7. VLTORfan78


    WOW another awesome looking gun George. I would love to see how that Barrett M82 shoots.
  8. VLTORfan78

    Videos Thread !

    Hope to see some June Unboxing video's NonEx.
  9. VLTORfan78


    WOW George that Barrett M82 is one badass looking gun. I've always wanted a Barrett airsoft gun.
  10. VLTORfan78

    Post count not increasing

    I was thinking the same thing
  11. VLTORfan78

    Post count not increasing

    That's silly that the picture thread doesn't count. That's the best sub-forum on here.
  12. VLTORfan78

    Post count not increasing

    I only have 1 post and I've posted at least 5 times in the Airsoft picture/weapons sub-forum. So I don't know why my post count isn't working.
  13. VLTORfan78

    1911 Picture Thread

    Here is my Army MEU it's stock but I hope to install a few upgrades soon. The mags are TM btw.
  14. VLTORfan78

    Glock Picture Thread

    Here are my 2 KSC glocks the first one is a g19 and it's got upgraded floating valve, PDI tbb and recoil spring and hammer spring. The slide is a KSC but it's been polished. The 2nd one is a KSC g17 and everything is upgraded in it even the frame which I think is a Pro-Arms.

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