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  1. I attended to Cold open test event on sunday so i can now do a proper review! The day slowed slightly due to a few no shows that brought the numbers down but the marshal team quickly recovered and got us out having a blast in no time! The marshals were great, they were on the ball and were getting involved with the teams constantly, egging us on, amping us up and dropping us tips or hints. Even if they did get a bit over zealous once or twice lol. The games were different and interesting. The site was varied in style, there were close quarters and open stretches - really kept the gamep
  2. I just saw this section and figured id show my new local site some love and do a review. They open in a couple of weeks but me and some mates got a sneak peek around the place - it was still under construction (though from what they tell me theyre not gonna stop developing it and have loads of builds schedules over the enxt couple months!) but the place looked like it really has massive promise. They ran a few trial games for us and ive got to say i was really suprised. The site is HUGE, it just keeps going on and on, some of it was a bit too dense to use which was a problem but they
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