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  1. Well it is a Warrior rifle... but i dotn see what difference that makes considering they out perform maruzens and are otherwise identical Im very open to offers. Infact i like offers.
  2. its where most russian soldiers kept thier touniquet.
  3. we have a relationship built on AKs
  4. no i based it on a mp5.... Considering the real rifle is designed around the AI chassis, i figured a l96 was the logical place to start.
  5. She hasnt got one on it. YET. i may, but to be honest, im starting to leaning towards selling it and moving on to another project.
  6. rufs stfu... if you cant see its more than handguards get over yourself... my 'custom' aw.50 since i saw this topic. is it me, or is all the sweeds in this topic post abuse of what they dont consider custom?
  7. top: AW.50 - .50 cal version of the Accuracy international Chassis system bottom: l96 - 7.62 nato version of the AI Chassis. Both mine, both not entirely stock top was a custom job by me, sadly nobody makes them, look in projects section of the technical forum for the topic about me building it
  8. as the rest is taped, and the muzzlebrake never is on any photo ive seen. If it was taped like the rest, i can envisage a cooking muzzlebreak...
  9. Blackhawk two point bungee sling and thanks although i repainted it in a Sand for my usmc desert kit i couldnt resist will post photos when done
  10. well the AI rifles pretty much all use parker hales... btw, this is darklite holding the 50.... he is 6.5, so its a bit biggerwith a human holding it
  11. Funnily no... if you look at the photos of them, the parker hale bipod, (that one) is the ACTUAL bipod used on the rifle... so its correct... as for the mag and muzzle... take a closer look... the base gun was a warrior 1 l96, but the entire reciver is custom made by me, barrel work, muzzle break, mag, stock (Which still ajusts vertically mind) and folding monopod. The entire gun is custom, not just a few changed bits ejection port enlarged a tad? .308 to .50bmg is a bit more than a tad
  12. if he wishes to sell, he will require his own account. YOu may want to contact the moderators or admin to discuss this. As the rules apear to me, each member requires thier own account
  13. My newly finished L121 .50 calibre sniper rifle.... let the bodies hit the floor
  14. ak mags ruin galil and make pozzie sad
  15. Stick battery in the stock tube
  16. the best of both worlds.... i think i found my true love <3 It just grabs me as perfect somehow.... i dont think ill change her again.
  17. spray the metalwork black, and then drybrush silver over it.... comes out very vereh nice.
  18. hehehe, bottom one is a guarder akm custom the top 3 are cymas XD its ironic really.
  19. which do you guys prefer? im siding with the first tbh... for my new pmc loadout...
  20. My team's aks.... Clue: only one with wood or metal on is at the bottom:D the top 3 are my custom work externally stock cyma bar the middle (my custom baby)
  21. i will do soon.... i just want to finish some bits, and get my sights for the rail... possibly some 552 lovin
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