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  1. I decided to ditch my second AEG a while back and just build a second upper for my primary RIF. So I did, and finally 'completed' it this week. The long barreled upper is a new build and so far I'm really happy with it.
  2. I guess that's true and with the G36's rail profile it's possible to run them on top so from that perspective it makes perfect sense!
  3. Yeah, pretty much. Dutch SOF use it as well but they run it under the barrel in front of a foregrip. No clue as to why the Germans choose to run it the way they do.
  4. Very cool! Where exactly in Stockholm was this event?
  5. Bear in mind that, when you use them as they're designed, smocks are intended to be outer layer bad (but not necessarily wet) weather garments. That means they're designed to accommodate a boatload of layers underneath and that's why they look like dresses when you wear them without. When I was in the forces I bought an NLDPM Arktis smock in Medium. I was a little heavier then than I am now and it worked, but in some situations I would have liked to have a Large. Also, in some situations (at least in the Dutch forces) you'd wear your body armour underneath your smock and wear LBE over
  6. Me and one of my teammates on top of a compound at STANTA. Photo courtesy of Guy Butler, amazing photographer really.
  7. I'm gonna invest in some M81 as soon as I can miss the money. I think it looks awesome with CT gear as well.
  8. That might have something to do with the fact that you've never seen one like that before? At least I haven't
  9. Me and my buddies at a recent game on a training area in Germany. I'm the first on the left standing. PERSEC due to some of the team's jobs.
  10. Many European countries use 350-360 as an absolute limit. But why you would want to shoot that much higher (especially in CQB) is beyond me (exceptions: semi auto or bolt action sniper rifles).
  11. Check out this movie of our team participating in the first Dutch Police Simulation (Polsim). We shadowed some vehicles, did some recon and extracted a hostage. Oh, and while you're at it, please check out our facebook page as well
  12. Hey guys, bought and tried some new gear throughout the last month so time for another review! Enjoy! Original source with pictures: https://tacticstidbitsntrees.wordpress.com/2015/07/30/review-platatac-special-projects-tac-dax-mkii-and-crye-airflex-combat-kneepads/
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