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  1. famidesu

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    My 4.3 as of now. It's a work in progress.
  2. famidesu

    Tokyo Marui pistol builds

    I've been interested in the Airsoft community for a long time. The Earliest guns I've owned were spring based. Remember I had a Scorpion with a foldable stock. Earlier this year I really wanted to get my hands on one that runs on gas. I'm interested in modifying whatever I'm interested in so I was pointed in the direction of Tokyo Marui's 5.1 or 4.3. So I got a 4.3 and I love it! I also enjoy target practice so that's what I was doing during the summer. I bet over 2k rounds got out. The only aftermarket parts I've bought would be the Slide (La Brama, which I detest because of the flaming ball), ProHandgun Steel outer barrel (for compensators) Compensator to match the slide, Trigger and bow (probably ILLusion Kinetics), 150% hammer & guide rod spring, (9ball) heavy duty loading nozzle (9ball) PDI tight bore barrel Mini red dot from Swiss Arms CQB Light from Swiss Arms Then later I proceeded to get frustrated and wanted to do something so I started to sand down the paint off the frame and most parts. It's not done yet. What do you guys recommend to sand with? I mean, to get it all polished? Trimmed the dust cover also.

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