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  1. You don't have to be a millionaire. What you need is a normal steady job and priorities. Nice stuff Wolf! My builds aren't that fancy yet but whenever I buy something... i make sure it's the best quality and if I can't afford it, I save up or buy them piece by piece.
  2. Sweet! Then one can only assume that the rest of the DT accessories will be steel as well. Still to be confirmed, though I have ordered a set, so in a week or so we'll see!
  3. Ah, thanks man. I bet that came with the slide you bought! By the way, is it aluminum or steel? How does the quality seem? Because at the price they are selling the other 'Double Tap' pieces you can get almost a whole control set(Slide lock, mag release, thumb safety, grip safety) for the price of ONE Prog4 / A-M / piece.
  4. I have to ask: what brand is that outer barrel? Because I really wanted a shiny one, but the ones prog4 sell had this textured finish, matte-ish and scratches are seen much easier. It's an absolute dream when everything is buttery smooth and tight, good job!
  5. Looks mighty tasty! Is that one of those manual cut slides by Chris Costa?
  6. My 4.3 as of now. It's a work in progress.
  7. famidesu

    Tokyo Marui pistol builds

    I've been interested in the Airsoft community for a long time. The Earliest guns I've owned were spring based. Remember I had a Scorpion with a foldable stock. Earlier this year I really wanted to get my hands on one that runs on gas. I'm interested in modifying whatever I'm interested in so I was pointed in the direction of Tokyo Marui's 5.1 or 4.3. So I got a 4.3 and I love it! I also enjoy target practice so that's what I was doing during the summer. I bet over 2k rounds got out. The only aftermarket parts I've bought would be the Slide (La Brama, which I d
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