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  1. Something else you may want to consider is in this incredibly helpful post on http://www.tkoverkill.com/showthread.php?tid=1307 so thanks to Ycare:
  2. I had a problem with my trigger locking up. Turned out the two switch blocks were not properly seated into the gearbox shell and were sometimes moving very slightly. Solved it with a dab of superglue on the nubs that locate the switch blocks.
  3. GunFire uses GLS. Free shipping on orders over 69EUR or 12.50EUR to Denmark for orders under that amount.
  4. Yeah I'd been on GunFire too and they certainly have a bigger catalogue and more brands but, as pointed out, prices are a bit higher. Personally I found the TaiwanGun site a bit easier to navigate, If I was looking for a RIF GunFire have far more choice but for supplies and tactical gear I prefer TG - having a bit less choice can make it easier to choose, less is more. Of course, being in the EU takes away the worry of any import taxes/VAT that you might fall foul of if importing from Asia/USA. You can also pay hefty shipping too so free from TG is a bonus.
  5. http://www.taiwangun.com/ Despite the title, they are based in Krakow, Poland. I've used them three times now and have been very impressed by their service. I've e-mailed a couple of times with questions and they've responded within a day or so with helpful answers. When asked if they'd downgrade a gun to lower FPS for UK skirmishing they offered to change the spring to a suitable rating for no extra cost. Some of the stuff on the site is very cheap, especially tactical gear. There's a good choice of BBs and they sell huge bulk packs. Most of the guns are well priced too
  6. Yeah I'd heard that. Still, the previous owner ran it like that no problem. It's restricted to single shot here in the UK with that FPS. I did see an aftermarket alloy replacement gearbox shell somewhere on the web............
  7. Do you mean the cylinder or the gearbox casing?
  8. What do people use in their DMRs in terms of BB weight? Having just got mine I only had .25s, so I used them at the first shoot. I've ordered some .30s and some .32s to test. It's got an M150 spring and makes about 440fps with .25s.
  9. True but it's not just an inner barrel though - it's inner and outer with the quick change bit. Mine's got also got an Ultimate Upgrade 6.03 tightbore in the 18"
  10. Ha ha! I planned on buying a Masada then upgrading it to a DMR but in the end it was way cheaper and easier buying a second hand one that someone else had already spent a load of money upgrading. £325 for one with all the sniper mods, upgraded cylinder/piston/head, high torque motor, wiring, M150 spring, 3-12x50 scope, bipod and 4 mags. If I was ever gonna sell it, I could put the CQB barrel, short handguard and folding stock back on and then flog the long barrel, sniper stock and handguard separately.
  11. Thanks - that's what I thought. Here's a pic of mine - although I don't have it yet.
  12. Well, ordered some stuff on the 14th. It was shipped on the 17th as they didn't have everything in stock immediately. Arrived on the 27th so not bad. Got some excellent armoured gloves for £8, a laser, various rails and mounts etc so pretty pleased.
  13. Nice...... I'm intending to swap back to the CQB Barrel for different games. Looks like I'd better be careful with the bucking etc. Is it the case that you also need to turn the hop-up fully off before switching barrels?
  14. Well I've just picked up a Masada DMR from classifieds so I'll be able to answer my own questions. It's got the 18" barrel, PRS II stock, long handguard, upgraded cylinder/piston, M150 spring, Scope plus all the original bits inc CQB barrel. Shoots 440fps with .25s. Arrives soon.....................
  15. Well I guess no retailer is perfect but I've never had any issues with them myself. It is a huge rambling site and pretty hard to navigate round. I tend to buy things which have loads of good reviews already. User reviews can also point out inaccuracies in product descriptions. Stuff can take a while to come. 7 days has been the fastest and 4 weeks has been the longest for me although ordering any time round the Chinese new year can take ages.
  16. Yeah doesn't seem that great. But it is cool..........
  17. Yeah I think I'll stay clear of it.
  18. Hmmmmn...... So it costs a bit of money, then you have to buy a bunch of expensive new mags, it doesn't actually work any better than the standard AEG but actually it's gonna work worse in cold weather - where I live that means at least 9 months of the year.
  19. OK I've used these guys for years, mainly buying high powered MTB offroad lights and LED torches etc. They've always delivered and I've never had any customs charges. They've taken a common sense attitude to returns/faulty goods and have a UK address to send stuff back to and have also paid for locally available spare parts/repairs. Now that I've got into airsoft - imagine my surprise when I realised they also did loads of useful airsoft kit. Rails, lasers, mounts, masks etc etc, The main section is in Hobbies & Toys> Airsoft & Guns Supplies but if you look in Sports
  20. Cheers. Looks cool and $90 at ehobby seems a steal. Do you need different mags too?
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