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  1. Haha, thanks- I use magpuls on my AK mags. Call it blasphemy if you want, that's how I roll. Suicide Girls kick *albatross*.
  2. My AKS74U- but then again, who's looking at it anyways?
  3. OD sweater, MC TAG plate carrier with genuine MC Condor pouches, Protec helmet (painted and velcro) Phantom CB blast belt with Phantom pouches, nameless MC baseball cap, Safariland 6004 for 1911, Alta kneepads, 204 Tactical Multicam pants, Empire fingerless gloves, Knyte Custom CADPAT hydration carrier, everything unnamed is probably 5.11.
  4. Thanks Would do that, but that's kind of neglecting my PTW and the rest of my team-oriented kit. Anyways, sanded the compensator earlier-
  5. Completely redone with Airsoft Surgeon and Shooter's Design parts. Christ, I wish I had a better camera. Oh, and a holster to skirmish this, I don't see me taking a C.R. Speed or another IPSC holster out into most scrims.
  6. Is yours painted on, or plastic? Here's mine recently, I threw an RDS on and it's worlds ahead of the cruddy iron sights, despite being fairly ugly. Range is stunning for such a small weapon, a local gun doc is kindly tossing in a bunch of upgrades tonight.
  7. Shhh. Government doesn't know that.
  8. Technically it's a 'boot knife', I bought it at a military/law enforcement only sort of dealie, luckily enough I'm military so I got it at a fairly decent price. It's a Benchmade CBK with coated grip.
  9. Yep, I've got 7 mags for it and 1 mag taken apart. Not sure how many work, I have to get my duster adaptor in.
  10. Hahha, thanks. Yeah, it's a Cougar, with a fire selector (full auto and semi). Damn fine pistol, if I say so myself. Swapped out some parts with one of my Cougar Inox pistols.
  11. First I'd seen of it. Thanks, I suppose, the search feature didn't bring it up. Either way, you up for a trade for that receiver? I'll PM you in a bit, don't exactly have much cash on hand at the moment.
  12. Looking there. It still doesn't hurt to ask, especially as the search feature seems to hate my computer- and even so, I can't search for anything with 3 letters or less ("AUG", STEYR brought up a hilarious amount of stuff). Either way, I'll balance it out with pictures. There seems to be a lot of technical questions in this thread, I truly don't see what's wrong with one. Project AUG as of 10 minutes ago- there's a short barrel with an Armalite flash hider, with a Gemtech HALO over it (covering a stock-length tightbore). Any chance you're selling that AUG civvie receiver a
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