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  1. Same for me. I suspect a mail server relay at the ISP end is having problems.
  2. Had one which I bought second hand from a reviewer on another forum. Was fun but In CQB no advantage over a pistol if you have an extended mag, but larger and heavier Outdoors, pistol range and on auto too high a rate of fire Also found the long mags struggled to hold enough gas for a whole mag Playing with it in January at ~0 degrees it suffered very badly Sold it again, but only because some one else was after one and I wasn't using it. Was fun but not practical.
  3. Been waiting for this one for ages - and for some strange reason want that large baffle, also need a communicator pen ...
  4. dapprman

    CZ Picture Thread

    Here are mine though I'll probably sell the AEG one now I have the GBB
  5. G2 has been out for a fair while - I got mine in HK in April and it was not new out in Europe/US then. You could always ask a retailer for pictures
  6. Two easy ways. First look at the bottom of the stock retaining pin - the MK2 has a c/e clip where as the MK1 does not. Second way - pop up the upper (as if going to remove the bolt). AT the back are three slats. If they are all the same size it is a MK2, if the middle one is noticeably shorter, it's a MK1. Additionally there should be a rubber inside the back of the bolt assembly unit - if there's an indent there it's a MK1, however if one is there it could be either.
  7. Got one second hand about 8 months ago. Always brings a smile to the face, even used it outside (though not long range).
  8. Thought this thread was archive/locked ? - been reading it today as I'm tempted by one but haven't had time to read the whole thing, just the first few pages (where people rave about it) and the last 4 where I just see scare stories and talk of possibly a new version. As some one who does not really alter his guns, are they worth the risk at UK costs or could I find myself regretting buying one ?
  9. I've not had a problem with Milspec before, but he's got more competition now as Proairsoftsupplies are now also stocking GHK and as it's taken them some thing like 4 months to set it up I suspect it's as an official importer.
  10. Was that a second had deal ? Else I'd love to know where I could get some extra mags from for a 'decent' price.
  11. My carbine kit arrived today and is now fitted, so here's my 'baby' Note - for reference for anyone thinking of installing the carbine kit and like me needs instructions, here's a link to the pictures posted by Samoon on their Facebook page (FB account required). Oh should add - not installed the 1 joule nozzle (yet). With WE Green Gas before hand I recorded (on a Xcortech 3200 with 0.2g) 335, 335, 317, 317, 317. Post 354, 352, 345, 345, 345
  12. Only catch is - and my real worry, is that the front will shake off as the latch opened fully. Still could be worse - when I went to chrono it I had on a cheap ASG torch - the marshal fired one shot and bits went flying all over - initially I was worried I'd not secured the mag properly until I realised that the recoil had literally blown the back off the torch unit with the batteries flying out after it ...
  13. Well used mine in anger for the first time today. I found First shot when chrono'ing the gun resulted in the back of my torch flying off (good job I had another with a stronger back as I was part doing CQB) The battery latch of my Eotech clone would gradually work loose resulting in the batteries being disconnected (who needs a red dot anyhow when your first shot has gone down stream) Some of my mags (all new) would not take more than about 24/5 rounds at first, and even by the end of the day some were still only accepting 28 However - had a blast, loved it. Just wished I'd either bought
  14. Didn't have time (or space in my case for additional gear just as my boots)
  15. I didn't. Before I went to the area I chekcked online and they were out of stock of the G5. I wanted to get all together and then post buying just the gun and mags I got side tracked. Having said that Samoon were cheaper on most the prices I saw in HK and none of the places I had looked at had the 1 joule nozzle in stock so I was always going to have to put an order in.
  16. I can't remember where else around Wong Wa street I saw the G5 and extras, but I got a good deal at Guns and Guys, plus a few of the others were expensive. I initially wandered round on Good Friday, then again non Easter Monday, so some shops were closed. Landed back early hours this morning. Might post pictures later - I'm going for the all black look - got the G5 plus 3 spare mags, going to get the 1 joule nozzle, 2 more mags, and the 12" carbine kit for it, plus a Magpul AFG2 - the only plaved in Wong Wa that appeared to have one was closed each time I looked. Fired off a magazine on
  17. Possibly dangerous question, but is anyone in the Watford/Uxbridge area about to put an order in with Samoon ? Just picked my G5 up from Guns & Guys in Hong Kong, but they only had the 16" carbine kit and no 1 joule nozzle.
  18. If I do pick one up in HK (or get from Samoon), is it worth getting the 1 joule nozzle at the same time ?
  19. No Marui Tar-21 unless you include the 'kiddies' 0.2 joule 4xAA powered MTAR. At present, as far as I'm aware, you have Ares (with MARS sight) - the flawed original Ares v2 - much improved though still suffers from trigger micro switch problems (now a problem with mine) S&T - cheap plastic version of the Ares S&T Pro - better quality materials outside and battery located in to the fore grip (good idea), but same internals Umarex - rebranded S&T
  20. I'm a short *albartroth* who's quite happily been using a FPG (until the nozzle sheered) in CQB - I was more wondering if the extra barrel /grip length helps with aiming and accuracy at greater ranges.
  21. Can some one on here who has the carbine kit say if it was worth it and/or what benefits it gave ? In a couple of weeks time I'll be in HK, and having seen the 'export' prices there, and having read much of this thread (at 19 pages not sure I'll ever get to read it all) plus the recent GBBR buying advice thread, I'm rather tempted, but would also be looking to use it as a field gun as well as CQB. @DrAlexanderTobaco - wish I'd become interested in the G5 before we met at The Mall as I could have asked you about yours over lunch.
  22. It's like any form of prevention, you can never fully protect, all you can do is to mitigate to a degree that does not make what you are protecting unusable.
  23. I don't know the history of Arnies with respect to this, but the vast majority of forums that have a minimum post level before access to certain sections (normally for sale and/or forum discount sections) is solely to try and prevent dodgy traders and nothing to do with contribution levels. Some one who sits in the background for a year is likely to be just as trust worthy as some one who actively posts for a year.
  24. Actually if I'm correct then everyone who has posted in this thread who has under 100 posts has supported the present system
  25. Please note that at the time of writing this I'm only on a post count in the 60s or 70s of 70 (woot) I like the limit, for me as a relatively new player there's the temptation to get carried away with second hand sections. Here I'm forced to wait and learn patience (and also hopefully decide I have everything I need until the new shiny shows up). Having said that the fact that a lot of areas do not count towards the post count is frustrating and at first confusing. Still it delays temptation for me so is not all bad.
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