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  1. Thanks for the reply. That would make sense. I was outside at the time it was playing up and when i eventually got round to having a look at it, it was completely fine.
  2. This seems the best place to ask this but apologies if it is in the wrong section or has already been discussed, When the receivers are split on my DTW, it is cycling the gears 3 times (as per three round burst) on semi auto. When the receivers are closed, it is only cycling once on semi auto as it should do. I have a set of Etiny electrics in it with the fully automatic function set to three round burst. This is the first time i have noticed this, however it could have been doing it previously and i just have not noticed. I don't cycle my gun with the receivers split on a regular basi
  3. A few of me from Gunman's Recent 26 hour game
  4. Can anyone identify this DPM Shirt i managed to pick up? The label identifies it as 'Jacket, Combat (Tropical)' but im trying to pin a rough date on it. Please excuse the phone pictures.
  5. Just after some confirmation here, am i right in thinking that the newer spec DTW's have mil-spec buffer tubes, mil-spec barrel nuts and will take Systema upper receivers and barrels?
  6. Kit list available if anyone is interested
  7. Some pretty rubbish pictures of my Pantac RAV. Somehow i've managed to make it look purple. Still waiting on my Lemo 6 pin to Nexus conversion jack to arrive from America so i can finally use my Sordins.
  8. Id prefer just drop in hand guards. I like the look of the slim ones on shorter AR builds but ive never seen any at rifle length
  9. I was looking for just regular handguards, but i wasnt aware that thin railed versions also existed.
  10. Does anyone know if there are any "skinny" rifle length handguards floating around out there?
  11. G&P M16A3 And one purely for the sake of arseing around with the photo editing software:
  12. Nothing compared to some of the pistols in this thread, but a WE P229:
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