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  1. WIP, List: Zentauron Vulcan Plattenträger Zentauron Universal Schulterpolster Zentauron Schnellziehtasche G36 On the back: Viper Tactical Mini Modular Pack in OD (because I won it in a lottery).
  2. Krylon? And lots of thin layers.
  3. 1911? Made In Norway during the occupation... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kongsberg_Colt
  4. I'm using a WE g17 Hop-up in my KJW g23, however, needs to be cut-down length wise and cut a new lockup for the slide, and kjw barrel is a bit fat.
  5. The frame was already in a very bade shape, 4-5 different layers of spray, bad stippling ect. The slide was badly polished by previous owner and was scratched and crappy. A bit of fire/wood/paint/ a old fork later... A bit of fun and a new twist on the plain tacticool glock.
  6. My Fallout inspired shell for my KJW.. Yeah I'm using a fork as triggerguard.. I call it Rosten (Swedish for the rust).
  7. Makes me wanna build a Expanse gun:) My frame already looks beat to to and I have a extra slide somewhere..
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