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  1. Okay issiue with the company have been solved
  2. Soo i bought new lower and buffer tube for the 416 from the manufacture directly the 14th of mars and they said it will get sent as soon as they recive payment, i sent the payment and they have not sent any tracking number even when i sent request on email for tracking number they are just ignoring me. Soo should i get worried? and btw: i got the daytona gun parts for HPA setup and will finish the conversation as soon as i get some other parts for the gun i will update on how it performence after i have gone tru the 8k rounds (break in the gun)
  3. Thanks tnkguns/daytona have HPA setup for HK416, anyone tried it?
  4. I could but i want to run HPA tru my pistol grip not via the magazine. So thats why i am thinking about buying a tippmann m4 or a new HK416 Polarstar HPA but the drawback on the polarstar is no recoil
  5. here is a picture of it, if i screw the buffer tube to the lower reciver it is still loose when its fully screwed on. as you can see here, there is a crack in the buffer tube
  6. I abused the 416 really bad droping it from high ground etc..
  7. Upper reciver and buffer tube threading destroyed, internals grinded down without lubrication (I just use it for display now. But was kinda tired messing with Co2 on the 416) I am currently looking at tippmann m4 HPA but i really hate that sircle thing in the midle of the M4. Do you know if there is anyone who have swaped the internals from the tippmann m4 to the Hk416?
  8. Aaaaaaaand im back, my GBB 416 is totaly broken and *fruitcage*ed up soo i need to buy a new gun. It is a requirment that i can run HPA or CO2 on it, what do you recommend? the AEG 416 and polarstar?
  9. My setup, going to sell my airsoft gear and gun, but this is how it looks like. The magazine is GHK Co2 Gen2
  10. Do anyone know if Polarstar + VFC HK416 GBB works? I want to do this since i am playing at airsoft field, and i want to swtich mag fast as posible without messing round with tubes/wires
  11. Do you guys know if the real Magpul Buttstock will fit in the VFC?
  12. Do you have a drill? if you have i have a idea: If you have anything you can stick the sand paper too, like a big screw and some round wood, you can stick the sand paper to the wood. Example here: http://www.desiredcreations.com/howTo_TLDremelMod.htm
  13. Okay thanks btw: GHK has released their Generation 2 Co2 Magazines it costed 60 dollar :/ Do you know what the stock inner barrel are on the HK416? is it good? 6.03mm?
  14. Okay got my Co2 mags from BOManufacture and they work great with the stock gun the recoil kicks hard, almost littlebit scary. And the BB's is exploding out of the barrel, idk FPS but it is good for a pistol
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