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  1. baba is correct, i have one on my 870, very comfortable
  2. while the 15's in the shop this gets some hours tac'd on it waiting on wilcox filters, tan wilcox anvis mount, both with a 30 day lead time oh well
  3. "Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love, i dont even want none of the above, i want to ###### on you..."

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    2. Habakure


      Thats funny marlowe, as thats exactly what my mother said to me as well.

    3. Marlowe


      YOU ARE MY BROTHER?!? :o

    4. WhiteHawksan


      now THAT'S an awkward moment when it comes to inheritence

  4. they are alright, not as bright as my RS sig's night sights but they do illuminate well enough to aquire them in a no light area
  5. i like it cause i can wrap my left index finger around the top and comfortably hit the surefire
  6. AEMAX Custom MEU with Pachmayer(sp) grip VFC 310r replica and gunsmodify tritium night sights
  7. VFC 416 DX with 551 peq surefire 6p and wired for a G&P crane batt
  8. blasters are done *decided not to be a copycat with the vert grip/light combo CAGFAG status complete
  9. nice! how'd you do the vert grip/ flashlight combo! been contemplating how to get it done
  10. vid of our team's CAG loadouts in action pic of some of the guys alot have been updated since this pic
  11. i'll just leave this right here
  12. gotcha so just measure every square inch of the 15's and build a stand in.
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