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  1. The_Boy_Swift

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Nice little shooter. I love Tanaka revolvers
  2. The_Boy_Swift

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Better picture in the light. From reading about the real M6/29 Classic, the ".44 Magnum" lettering should be on the right hand side of the barrel. Doesn't really bother me though...
  3. The_Boy_Swift

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Yep, the Hogue grip comes with the silver M629 classic. The black M29 classic comes with the normal plastic fake wood grip.
  4. The_Boy_Swift

    Revolver Picture Thread

    M629 classic 6.5 inch that I picked up today. Closest thing to a M629 Performance Center that I could find before "D Day". Good weight and finish, power is the usual Tanaka full frame beefiness. "629 Classic" lettering on RHS of the barrel is a little disappointing (the 629 is lightly stamped) but other than that it's a very nice model. Will get some pictures in natural sunlight as my camera is cack indoors.

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