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  1. Got it from Rusmilitary years ago and it was pristine on my Inokatsu AKSU until I swapped it over and weathered it. Forgot to say the gun also has an Inokatsu muzzle booster and a real AKSU stock on it with rolled struts
  2. GHK AKSU with RA Tech steel bolt carrier, NPAS, aluminium hop unit, real AKSU handguard, real AK bakelite pistol grip, mags painted plum with Tula arsenal mark added, and weathered Real AKSU sling and real Kobra. Not much else left to do with it but shoot it!
  3. If the steel selector plate is out of position, you can put it back into position by holding the paddle in place with a large flat-headed screwdriver, then rotating the selector arm in the appropriate direction to adjust the threaded part of the arm. I have finally upgraded my AKSU with the RA Tech steel bolt carrier, aluminium hop unit and aluminium NPAS bolt. I am hoping it should be fairly indestructable now but I will try and skirmish next weekend and will let you know how I get on All the RA Tech parts are top quality but the bolt carrier is kind of expensive (I think it was ab
  4. Elite Shooting Centre have them as well.
  5. Have had this for a little while but not bothered posting it - just got some nice alloys though 2003 S3, remap to about 260bhp
  6. It was supposedly a reward for Border Guard of the year or something like that. I want it.
  7. Could this be fitted to the GHK AKSU do you think? Might cure the bolt carrier issues. I'm sure you could knock your own up out of some suitable plastic. http://www.midwayuk.com/apps/eproductpage....leItemID=630752
  8. Painted the bolt carrier black, did the lettering in white just for a bit of contrast and added a plum bakelite pistol grip. Next step is to see if I can get the mag internals into a demilled mag shell
  9. Very nice - does the kit work OK in there? And how hard was it to fit?
  10. I have added a buffer onto the recoil rod in a typical Blue Peter fashion - the top funnel end of a Marui AEG loading rod suitably bored out to accept the recoil rod, a cut off recoil spring from a GBB (about 4mm long after trimming, and 2 O-rings over the end of the recoil rod before it goes through the spring and funnel. The funnel had to have one side flattened slightly with a file to fit inside the gas block but the buffer now stops the bolt carrier slamming against the trunnion. Time will tell I suppose....it still shoots fine but has a 1mm gap between the front of the bolt carrier a
  11. Interesting - no problems with mine yet. I will be getting the aluminium bolt but it looks like a steel / aluminium bolt carrier might be required. Any chance of that RA-tech? And is there any preventative work that should be done to reduce the chance of a breakage? Perhaps put some rubber sheath around the brass screws to lessen the impact or something?
  12. GHK AKS74UN with real AKSU wood installed (the GHK/DBoys/whatever was vomit-worthy), real AKSU stock with rolled struts and Inokatsu stock latch, AKSU sling, Inokatsu muzzle booster. I need to get a real plum bakelite pistol grip and then I'll be done. It shoots pretty well from what I can see so far, I'll be using it on Sunday for a practical match so I hope it performs OK...recoil is cool
  13. Nice little shooter. I love Tanaka revolvers
  14. A real bakelite pistol grip doesn't feel any different from a good airsoft one apart from the width. There are various types available, the normal fibrous ones available on cheapsoft guns and better looking smooth ones that Inokatsu used to use on the wood AK74 and AKS74U kits. These are plum and incorporate the bakelite pattern with flakes in it. The bakelite mags have a different texture and are worth converting, these not so much (I did convert some real ones years ago including cutting out the chequered plates and inserting them into airsoft pistol grips). Sure you can fit this to a TM AK7
  15. Got to be honest - why bother when it won't even fit against the body? Having the bakelite finish is all well and good but my Inokatsu pistol grip is really not far off the real finish. Your work is commendable and might have been handy 5 years ago but there are so many airsoft AKs and accessories now I don't see the point...
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