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  1. my shotgun has suddenly stopped cocking (completely jammed, maybe 1mm of flex form the pump), and when i try to take it apart the trigger section cant come out (also jammed on something) so i cant even get the gun apart. anybody had this issue? ***UPDATE*** the lefty hand side cocking handle arm (if that's what its even called) appears to have uncouple from the silver piece inside the receiver (how i have no idea) but its back in the correct position and racks' beautifully again.
  2. Berserk, did/could you take any photos? If this solves your issue its something i may have to look into if my feeding issues continue.
  3. are they all miss feeding in both 3/6 shot mode? or just one/the other? I have only ran mine in 6 shot mode and had miss feeds, with 1 game of 3 shot mode with no issues. when i next lay i planned on going 3 shot only. I'm not planing on taking mine apart to the extent where i can see the loading nozzles any time soon, however i may do it if i still get feeding issues in 3 shot mode.
  4. had another game day with mine yesterday. using blaster 0.25g's, i was happy enough with the range i was getting. 6 shot mode for 3/4 of the day, but after a lot of miss feeding i switched to 3 shot mode for the last game which seemed to solve the issue. i though it might have benn a dodgy shell at 1st (think i mentioned it in my other post) so i have numbered them all now. unfortunately it seemed to be jamming on at least 4 of my 9 shells. next month ill stick to 3 shot and hopefully confirm its 6 shot mode that's the problem. If a new CNC loading arm is the way to fix this, how was the install? (to those who have fitted it)
  5. used mine this weekend, loved it. still need to get used to counting my shots, and remembering when i have already loaded the next shot, but managed to get some nice kills with it. Has anyone found issues when racking the gun in 6 shot mode? 3 or 4 times during the day i found that it jammed about 3/4's the way though racking, and i needed to remove the shell, before i could sent the action forward again. i have a suspicion it might be a dodgy shell, as it happened twice in the morning on 2 shell, then twice in the afternoon on 1 shell again (no idea if it was the same shell though, will have to mark the shell next time and check) i was also using Gaurder .28's, but i don't believe these where a factor.
  6. So i have one of these, some shells, and the angry gun shell holder in my basket, and im about to hit checkout. having read though the majority of this thread, are there any 'final' comments to commit me to buy? im happy wit the possible gas tank issue and its fix, and the miss feeding of bb's on 6 shot mode, but have i missed anything that i 'need' to know with this? or am i simply about to become a young boy on Christmas again when it turns up this week.
  7. Sir Stephen

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    lol any particular reason for the outburst?
  8. Sir Stephen

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    1 for fixing the rail, 1 for lifting up the scope I have since had a fiddle and I'm only using 1 to do both now however. Just a case of reversing the scope mount to give me a sensible eye relief.
  9. Sir Stephen

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    my Spectre DRM. Got VERY lucky with that suppressor fitting perfectly inside the rail for the integrally suppressed look. next time i have spare cash I'm strongly considering getting the whole thing Cerokated OD.

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