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  1. On imfdb.org are some nice pictures of all the weapons used in The Expanse. WE XDM, Marui G26, APS UAR, WE SCAR,.... too bad we don't have clearer screenshots of the MCRN Pistol Gen.2 I really like the look of Amos' shotgun. Too bad we can't modify A SCAR H to be operated with a shorter mag.
  2. Hanfritter

    WE XDM

    Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to getting one. The design is really growing on me.
  3. Hanfritter

    WE XDM

    Hey there XDM owners, I'm sorry to ressurrect this thread, but could someone shine a littlebit of light on the question how this gun handles lower temperatures? Right now I'm using a TM PX4, that has quite a problem with shooting the way, it's supposed to. So for a new backup, I've come across the WE XDM but was wondering, how it performes at around 10°C and lower. Is it still usable? Does it suffer from cooldown? In that regard, does it suffer from cooldown at normal temperatures? Right now i'm torn between the VP9 and the XDM. Regards
  4. Which has been confirmed on the IWA 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK2em8iAS5I
  5. Thanks for the info. Will have to get a different slide then.
  6. So if i attended this thread correctly, the BBU fits both, 5.1's and 1911's slides? I imagine the stock slide wouldn't withstand the added recoil, does it? I really like the idea of plastic-slides for cooldown-resistence. If i get one of these BBUs, will i definately need to upgrade the slide on a 1911? Cheers
  7. Why did i suspect something like this would be the case.... I sure hope, someone comes up with a mount for the original doctor sights. But it's safe to assume, the PA-micro dot will fit on any mount, the original RMRs and Trijicons fit onto?
  8. Does anyone happen to know, whether the Primary Arms Micro Dot would fit the FNX-mounts?
  9. @chas: If you don't want to open any GBBR, you shouldn't buy any GBBR. GBBRs need love, they want to be taken care of.... If real firearms need to be lubricated and cleaned, why should a replica deserve anything else? Regarding the question, which one to pick, i'd say go for the G5. I had both, the G39 and the G5 and i personally like the G5 more. The G39 is a nice airsoft, but while firing it, it sounds more like tupperware(is that even a word in english?). Means it sounds much more like plastic, than the G5. Both will never sound as good, as a fullmetal GBBR, like the WE SCAR, o
  10. Thanks for the heads up, i will keep that in mind. The longer i look at that whale, the more it appeals to me I thought there was one version from ARES and one from S&T, but now that you mention it, i think that were only the G36 and TAVOR
  11. Hey, i heard there are two different manufacturers for this Airsoft. Are you sattisfied with the performance of yours?
  12. Nice slide! Are there still some shops, providing Upgradeparts for the PX4? I'm looking for a threaded barrel to match my tan frame
  13. I didn't know, the G5 could take both tubes. I was only aware of the GBB-tubes. That would be perfect, since the stock is intended for my G5
  14. Greetings peeps, I have a question regarding said stock( http://airsoft.tiger111hk.com/m56/MADBULL/p20667/MADBULL-ACE-SOCOM-Stock-For-M4-AEG%28Black%29/product_info.html ). I was only able to find the AEG Version of it, but clearly there must be GBBR-Version, since i've seen a GHK G5 with this stock. http://arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/142259-artistic-airsoft/?p=2661964 Does anyone know, whether there are different Versions, or how i can make it fit? Best Regards
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